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  1. Anyone have any experience with or opinions on these boat trailers you order and assemble yourself? Harbor Freight tools sells one on their website. Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas used to have one in their catalog, but I don't see one listed anymore.
  2. I built the fold-up 4 x 8 from Harbor Freight. It was a fun project and it came out very nice. Price was the plus here are the negatives :
    1. The fold up feature is neat but you need two people and a bit of headroom to fold it up.
    2. The axles and hubs are metric so I was never able to find beaing buddies although the hubs do already have zerk fittings to grease them. Bearings may be difficult to find.

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    I had one of the Harbor Freight boat trailers for my 12' boat a few years ago. It was a pretty nice trailer. I had an issue with one of the leaf springs, but they took take of that and even sent me an extra one incase the other one went bad. They are pretty good for the money!