Trailer Fender Style?

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  1. I need to replace a damaged fender on my buddy's boat trailer and I'm sorta stuck. I have already checked on line and at the local TSC to no avail. The fender width measures 9 1/4" at both ends and tapers to 8" at the top (crown). It is also 13" tall and 30 1/2" long. The inside face is flat for the carpeted plywood to bolt to. Does anyone know where this style of fender can be found? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    I will look at one I have out here tomorrow and see

  3. addict

    Do you know who the trailer manufacture is?

    Also the year the trailer was made/model number and so on. Some of this info should be on the registration/title.
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    The damage maybe able to be repaired instead of replaceing the whole fender. They can do wonders with plazma cutters and welders nowdays.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. After calling a couple different shops in the Columbus area today I think I'll have to repair it. 1 shop knew of the infamous "tapered" fender but didn't know where to get one. Besides, who doesn't like playing with a plasma cutter?:D
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