Trailer Bunks...treated or regular 2x4's?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by dinkbuster1, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. need to make up new bunks for my boat trailer. best to use "treated" wood or just plain 'ol 2x4's?? :confused:
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    i redone mine and used treated 2x6's (2 per side, screwed together, screws pointing down)i got them from the deck building area of home depot. got the indoor/outdoor carpet there too and galvanized brackets from gander mtn. it was very easy to do. hardest thing was getting them adjusted right in the parking lot while the boat was at the courtisy dock.

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    And isn't that much more expensive for a project such as bunks. By whatever size you need, get the bunk carpet from BPS or Cabelas or wherever, staple it on with Monel staples and attach them to the trailer with hot-dip glavanized hardware. Waa-Laa- fresh bunks for the boat trailer.

    If you want to replace them while the boat is sitting in the driveway, try this. Crank the tongue jack all the way down. Support the rear of the boat with blocks or stands. (I made a saw-horse kind of thing with a V cut to keep the boat from rolling to either side.) I made it almost as high as the keel when the jack was all the way down. Slide the stand under the stern and crank up the tongue jack. As the front of the trailer comes up, the boat wil come up with it. Since the rear is supported by the stand, it will rise off the bunks at the same time, leaving them free to be removed and replaced. That saves the hassle of hauling tools to the ramp and wasting valuable fishing time. LOL

  4. "Ultimate Bunk Boards" the only way to go. Full synthetic, never rots, no carpet to "grip" the bottom of the boat, boat slides off like a dream, boat centers very easily when loading.