Trailer bunk ?

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  1. I have a older aluminum rivetted boat no leaks. The trailer currently has wood bunks at the very back it rest on but rollers everywhere else well everywhere is 2 or 3 down the middle and they are maybe 2 to 4 inches across at the most what a pain in the arse it can be to hit that lil area. I want to put wood bunks up front to help guide it into place and ride on but i dont want to put unnecasary stress on the rivets. A pain to load is better then leaking rivets.[​IMG]
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    How will added more support add stress? The rollers are basically there to guide the boat onto the trailer and then give it a place to sit. However, the contact area is very small. But they do sit under the keel which is the strongest part of the hull. If you want to fab a couple short bunks to sit the boat on, go for it. Galvanized bunk brackets are cheap enough and can be adjusted to fit most any hull. Use some 2X4's and some bunk carpet and make your own bunks.
    It will basically make your trailer a "float-on" trailer like most bass boats. Just aim it at the winch and run up on the trailer. Easy and quick.


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    i have wood bunks on the front of my trailer for hull support and i like them. it came from the dealer already setup that way. buy the brackets and have at it.