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trailer brakes worth renovating?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Eliminator, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I have a 20' chaparral new to me haven't towed it anywhere but 3 miles home to the garage where I'm going through everything top to bottom. I'm working om the triler now and I've pulled all the brake lines ect, the master cylinder was missing the cap and is was full of mud it's shot, the main line that runs down through the trailer frame is also shot, havent gotten to the wheels yet i'm just wondering if all this is worth the effort or should I just get a new typical coupler for a two inch ball and go with it and just forgret the surge brake set up? if anyone has experince with a surge set up please chime in.
  2. GPtimes2

    GPtimes2 Oh Deer

    Yes, go for the brakes!
    I had a 1978 Bomber bass boat (2000lb's without brakes) that pushed me around a couple of times and had a lot of close calls and scares (had boat for 20yrs). With an 88 Bronco II it jacknifed trying to stop in the rain after someone jumped in front of me and the light changed. They stoped quickly and I didn't. Ended up off the road but safe. Also slid through a red light in a lifted 71 power wagon. No accident, but would,t want to do it if I had a week heart!
    Now I have a 22ft allumimun deck boat (Lowe) that wieghs 4000lb's with serge brakes. The difference is amazing! The boat stops itself. I wouldn't own one now if it was about 800lb's or more without brakes.:)

  3. just the kind of experience I was looking for, I've dragged my 16' mfg all over ohio no trailer brakes never had any and you wouldn't even know it was back there, but heck I can push it around the driveway by hand with not much problem, this chaparral I now have no way can I push it around the yard I guess I'm looking for a new surge coupler setup hopefully the wheel cylinders and brake hardware will restore without having to replace the whole nine yards. thanks.
  4. KaGee

    KaGee Monkeywrench Staff Member

    Re-did my brakes for about $300. New Actuator -Coupler, new backing plates with new shoes, springs and cylinder, All new brake line. I couldn't tow my boat without it.
  5. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    i agree, brakes are an easy fix and very important. you must have brakes if you plan on toeing any distance. almost wrecked on the turnpike when an inside seal failed and grease got on the pads(left side only). was going down a steep hill hit the brakes and the trailer started swerving out of control. i had to slow down to about 30 mph to get it back under control. scarred me and everybody else in the vehicle. believe me you know when you dont have them.
    fix them. a 20' boat needs brakes.
  6. Definitely replace them! I just did the coupler back on my trailer, and my only question was electric or surge/disc or drum. Best deals I coulod find were from Redneck Trailer in Columbus.
  7. try I bought my whole system there. Great service and the price was right.

  8. Muskarp

    Muskarp Banned

    Blance, nice link. Glad I added brakes to my rig after seeing that.
  9. Wannabitawerm

    Wannabitawerm Flatulent Entreprenuer

    You heard it all right here. I don't think a boat as big as yours is allowed to be towed without brakes. I've got surge brakes on my '74 21' Starcraft. NO WAY would I haul it without them.
  10. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    You definitely want brakes on a 20 foot glass boat. I went one season without them on my old twenty footer. One morning I slid (got pushed) through a stop sign in the rain and about T-boned an 18 wheeler. The next morning, I had a whole new system put on, including new backing plates and discs. Never had a problem after that.