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Trailer Bouncing

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by triton175, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. triton175

    triton175 STX 206 Viper

    When I'm trailering my boat on the highway and hit a bump, the trailer bounces off of the road surface and the tires chirp when they land.
    I'm worried about this ruining my tires or damaging the trailer.
    This used to happen only occasionally when hitting a large bump. Now it happens all the time, even with very small bumps.

    I'm pulling a Triton crappie boat, 17.5 ft, about 1800lbs, on a Triton trailer rated for 2500 lbs. New tires last year, and the trailer dealer told me the tire pressure should be 50 PSI. At 50 PSI the trailer bounced like a basketball, dropped it to 42 PSI, still bounced, now I'm at 36 PSI and still bouncing. ???

    Trailer has no brakes, leaf springs, no shocks.

    Any ideas?

  2. I am not an expert on this but I would take a look at the weight distribution on the trailer. I believe most recommendations are that you have between 10-20% of total towing weight represented as tongue weight. That may be the first thing to take a look at. Since both the boat and the trailer are Triton I assume that it was matched up originally so it would seem that the trailer suspension should be appropriate. However you didn't mention how old the trailer is. Perhaps there is an issue with the springs on the trailer? I am just guessing. I am also curious to hear what others suggest.

  3. I re-read your post and see that you did mention the "trailer dealer". That makes me think that the trailer was purchased separately. I am wondering if only running 1800# on a 2500# rated trailer may be the problem. If the suspension is too stiff it could cause the problem.

    I would think your tire pressure should be higher than you are currently.
  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    slowing down will help:p :D;)
    i'm with bkr.could be weight ditribution/axle placement,but if the trailer is matched,i'm not sure about that.stiff suspension maybe,or possibly the tires themselves.
  5. triton175

    triton175 STX 206 Viper

    The boat and trailer are a matched set, purchased new in August of '04.
    The traier dealer was Majestic trailer in Akron, where I got new tires last summer. They mainly handle utility trailers, but have boat trailer tires too.

    I wonder if the leaf springs have gotten stiff, and if so, what to do about it.
  6. So did the trailer bounce with the prior set of tires?
  7. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    exactly what i was thinking when i mentioned the tires.if that's when the problem started,that would point to the tires.tongue weight shouldn't be a factor if it's a new problem,unless something has been changed.
  8. You may want to look to see if your rig is level when hooked up to the hitch
    When hooking to a bumper hitch or receiver ball that's to high it can cause sway and jumping
    easy to check have your rig on flat ground hooked to your vehicle an throw a level on the tongue
  9. I think it is rather unusual for a boat trailer with a 2500# capacity to have no springs. This makes the entire rig very rigid, so road bumps will certainly bounce the only flexible member, the tires. It would also impose a much higher loading on the hull. Even my 1200# trailer has leaf springs. Do you have the correct trailer? Does it is specify a maximum speed? Just my thoughts.
  10. triton175

    triton175 STX 206 Viper

    I think you may have hit it geowol. My receiver (2in ball) had a 2 inch drop. With the receiver that way the boat was slightly angled down at the front. I didn't really like that, so some time last year (not sure when) I flipped the receiver over to get a rise, rather than a drop. Now, when trailering, the boat sits at a slight upward angle.
    I'm going to switch it back to the way it was and see if that does the trick.

    Thanks, I had forgotten all about turning that receiver over.

  11. triton175

    triton175 STX 206 Viper

    Sorry, my post wasn't very well worded.
    Boat does have leaf springs.

  12. KaGee

    KaGee Monkeywrench Staff Member

    Try it with a straight receiver? If hanging down was too low and reversing it was too high? Just a thought.
  13. As someone else post for proper weight distribution the trailer should be level.