Toyota Buy Back Program

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  1. For those of you that own a 1995-2000 Tacoma. You may be eligible to participate in a buy back from Toyota. These years models main frames are suffering from excessive rusting. I just found out about this today. Toyota will give you 150% of your trucks RETAIL value.

    Find out more by googling " toyota buy back". My bucket of rust 98 pre-runner may be worth as much as 12,000 to me. This is not a trade in only program. You recieve a check that may be used for anything you see fit.

    Toyota is offering extra incentives if you do buy another Toyota but is not mandatory. This is their way of avoiding a huge lawsuit. By the way they use the Kelly Blue Book retail value. Toyota is sending letters of advisement to the registered owners.

    All trucks turned in will be be considered in excellent condition. regardless of the trucks actual condition

    Just figured I would give a heads up to my fellow Taco owners and OGFers.
  2. Sounds like I should scan craigslist and pick up a couple to sell back to Toyota...There must be a catch.....Keep us posted if you sell your truck..

  3. A few friends of mine have turned theirs in for the buy back. No catch if it is your truck but you can't run out and buy some just to send back. If I remember right it had to be registered in your name by march 08 (when they sent out the letters) in order to qualify for the buy back.
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    Can you imagine GM, Ford or Chrysler doing anything like this? No way would that ever happen. Toyota's carry some of the best resale value in the market and this is yet another reason why they have such a stout following. When a company steps up and admits a problem and then fixes it like this, that's incredible. With past campaigns such as GM's you could trade in the vehicle and get a big bonus ON A NEW GM product, and the trade in was based on the vehicle. Read that as not much. Toyota, by going 150% over the retail,( not trade-in) is showing that they WANT your business. And when a company takes care of you like that, who would look elsewhere?

    I'm sure the fact that even Toyota is down in sales right now has NOTHING to do with this campaign either... ;)

  5. Truck failed inspection today. Check for 13,300 to be here in 7-10 business days. They are trying hard to sell me another Toyota P/U but we are far apart in price. I guess they figure I will pay top dollar because of this windfall.

    I might go to another Toyota dealer that doesn't know I have this cash. That way they be more flexible on price. Also looking at Chevies and Honda Ridgeline.
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    Papaperch, Right now Toyota doesn't have any incentives on a new truck purchase. You may want to wait till next month and Toyota may have a great deal on the Tundras.....(rumor has it). Not sure about a Tacoma deal? Our truck manager is waiting till next month to get his new Tundra even though his current lease has been up for a couple of months now. Something good must be coming??? Remember to take anything and everything off your truck before turning it in, jack, radio, good tires, etc... The trucks get picked up by a salvage yard SOON after turning them into the dealer and the entire truck gets CRUSHED.
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    A 10 year old truck is bringing you $13K and you're going to look at something else? Seriously?

    I guess you can't buy loyalty. For some people it's simply a price game I guess.

    A Chevy??? A Chevy what? Ever wonder why you can buy a NEW Chevy for that much?

  8. UFM82 : My loyalty is NOT for sale at any price. I WANT another Toyota but I am not paying new truck price for a 2007. Guess you skipped over the part about me going to a different Toyota dealer. The dealer I was going thru knows I have this money coming and it is a straight cash deal. Which normally means at least 10% comes off the sticker price.

    I do not play games price or any other crap. But I know whats fair and what I can comfortably afford. When demand was high dealers took advantage of consumers. Right now demand is low and consumers are very nervous about buying anything. In a baseball analogy " Its my turn at bat and I intend to swing for the fences and get a homerun of a deal. If you cannot understand that you have my sympathy.