toy fox tarrier

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by midnight, May 2, 2008.

  1. any one own one ? i just had one thrust upone me for my kids......any one out there own one? thanks
  2. krm


    We've had one for seven years. She's a really good dog.

    They are a very smart dog, and training shouldn't be too difficult. We got ours when she was a puppy (seven weeks old) and we had her litterbox trained in a week. (she will first try to get your attention to go outside, but if nobody lets her out, she's off to the litterbox)

    The one thing to watch out for is that they can be finicky with food. If the food contains beet pulp, that can cause them to get sick. And, most food does. Check out some of the Nutro foods.

    They are very active, and they have a very long memory. If the kids are mean to them now, it'll be a few years before the dog will go near them again. :D

    Make sure that you give the dog a chance to run around. Ours seems to be better when we take her out for walks or let her run around the yard for a while every day.

    Let me add that I'm a "big dog" kind of guy. I always had big dogs, and never really liked the little ones. But, I really do like this little dog. She's fearless, smart, and will actually shut up when I tell her to. :D

  3. My neighbors have a young one. She's kind of a shared dog since the yards aren't divided. They are very smart like the post below says. My young Brits like to knock her over but she definitely doesn't like it, and now tries to avoid them completely. She loves my wife though and will suffer the roughness of my pups to get to her! She is very fast on her feet. We stopped to inquire about hay from the breeder and he told us a large hawk or owl took one of her litter mates from his yard-this dogs only weighs 6-7 lbs right now! If you have any particular questions, PM me and I'll pass them on to them and relay their answers.