Toxic spill at Ohio yogurt plant kills 8,000 fish

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    From the Dayton Daily News:

    Toxic spill at Ohio yogurt plant kills 8,000 fish

    MINSTER | A caustic cleaning solution released at Dannon Co. wiped out the yogurt factory's waste pretreatment system over the weekend, creating a potent discharge that overwhelmed this Auglaize County village's wastewater treatment plant and killed at least 8,000 fish in the Miami & Erie Canal.
    Sunfish, large- and small-mouth bass, channel and bullhead catfish, suckers, carp, minnows, shad and crawfish were among the casualties along a two-mile stretch of the canal downstream of the wastewater plant, said Joel Buddelmeyer, lead investigator of the pollution incident for the state Division of Wildlife.
    The value of the fish killed exceeds $1,000, but the exact value won't be established until investigators finalize the number of fish killed, which could exceed 10,000, Buddelmeyer said.
    Dannon, which accounts for about half of the 900,000 gallons of waste treated daily by Minster's wastewater plant, immediately stopped production and discharging waste after the spill was detected Monday, company spokesman Michael Neuwirth said.
    While the company has since resumed some production, it is having the waste hauled away under a temporary arrangement, Neuwirth said
    Meanwhile, the village is trying to restore its capability to treat sewage after the potent brew of dairy products and 4,000 gallons of cleaning solution discharged by Dannon killed much of the bacteria that digest waste, said Dan Haehn, superintendent of water and wastewater treatment for the village of 2,800.
    He said 17,000 gallons of "activated sludge" have been trucked in from the nearby village of St. Marys to help raise bacteria levels.
    Ohio Environmental Protection Agency officials expect it will take another day or two before the plant can sufficiently treat its sewage to meet Clean Water Act requirements and begin discharging into the canal, agency spokeswoman Dina Pierce said.

    To me its much more than that. I have worked in Minster at Minster Machine Co. and know Dannon Yogart has had many problems in the past.... :S

    Ugh isn't billyg from St.Marys??? :p
  2. Isnt Billyg At Michael Jacksons Door?

  3. what is a yogart company doing with toxic chemicals
  4. There a chemicals used to wash the holding tanks and process equipment. There are also chemicals used for sanitizing all the equipment. Not uncommon for dairy/ice cream facilities to kill the bugs in ones water treatment facility.

    WINNER I hate Cleveland.

    I read thiss this morning and was pissed to say the least...when will we hold these companies accountable for their misdeeds?

    I'm sure they will receive a nice pat on the wrist.

    BS...plain and simple.

  6. This is the second major chemical spill causing a near entire fish kill in a month in Ohio now. Needless to say the funding for the OEPA, and their ability to take care of this has been cut over the past several years and things are starting to get very careless because of it....Hopefully they get a large settlement out of this from the company like they have been able to do in the past for restoration. The last spill occured in an area designated exceptional water quality too so the diversity it killed was tremendous.

    The accountability will happen even greater when WE start holding them to it.
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    I am a ringing the door bell waiting for my fondling chance at a million dollar settlement. Why they gotta call us a village? My checks go to the city of st. marys. And what the hell is activated sludge? Why do we have it. Maybe that is the smell me and dip was smelling last night a loramie, smelled like ass.
    Bob Taft was at Dannon touring last week, I heard he said something like "what does this lever do?" It is Bobs fault, I am sure of it.
  8. This auta make Octoberfest smell real nice. You know how those Minster folks are!

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    Activated sludge contains the live "bugs" that eat the shipoopy. They are a necessary part of any septic tank or treatment plant. If they get killed off by cleaning solutions, they have to be replaced before that plant can be effective again.

    The yogurt itself can be harmful to the fishes. It can deplete the oxygen level enough to suffocate them.

    Also, don't count the OEPA out yet. They are a tough organization to deal with. Dannon will most likely wind up paying big bucks for the canal clean-up, and face fines as well. Even the OEPA has to answer to somebody, (USEPA?) so this shouldn't just slip away.

    Bill G, you cracks me up!
  10. state EPA doesn't have anything to do with US EPA many have entirely seperate regulations, most states have much more thourough and stricter things. Ohio is just one of those cases where they call it EPA, Tennesse is called DEC (Department of Environmental Quality), they call call it something along those lines but they are speerate entitites
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    Here is an update on this, Over 30,000 fish now. :(

    33,310 fish died in canal spoiling
    Caustic cleaning solution discharged into water
    By Ben Sutherly

    Dayton Daily News

    MINSTER | A potent discharge of sewage and cleaning solvent into the Miami & Erie Canal this month killed 33,310 fish, making it Ohio's largest fish kill in more than four years.

    The state Division of Wildlife had initially estimated the number killed at 8,000 to 10,000.

    The value of the fish is $6,888.

    Among the aquatic life killed in a two-mile stretch of canal were 9,338 sunfish, 287 bass, 945 bullhead catfish, 73 carp, 110 channel catfish, two crappies, 51 suckers, 20,497 minnows, 24 crawfish and 1,983 shad, said Joel Buddelmeyer, lead investigator of the incident for the Wildlife Division.

    A caustic cleaning solution released at Dannon Co. wiped out the yogurt factory's waste pretreatment system the weekend of Sept. 10-11, creating a potent discharge that then overwhelmed the village of 2,800's wastewater treatment plant.

    The wastewater treatment plant resumed treating village sewage on Thursday, and began treating Dannon's sewage again on Monday, said Tom Mertz, a wastewater plant operator. Dannon accounts for about half of the 900,000 gallons of waste treated daily at the wastewater plant.

    Buddelmeyer said Dannon is cooperating with Wildlife Division investigators, and Dannon spokesman Michael Neuwirth said the company, which employs about 400 in Minster, will be meeting with the state Department of Natural Resources and the Miami & Erie Canal Corridor Association on Wednesday to discuss ways to remediate the environmental impact.

    Dannon typically uses a small amount of the alkaline cleaning solution, but a worker activated a pump which supplies the cleaning solution and inadvertently let it continue to run, allowing 3,600 gallons of the solution to enter the plant's wastewater, Neuwirth said. Only a fraction of that wastewater was discharged to the village's wastewater plant, he said.

    A discharge of anhydrous ammonia in Darke County on June 10, 2001, killed 103,313 fish, according to the Wildlife Division.

    Contact Ben Sutherly at 335-0509
  12. That was my first thought.:confused: It doesn't make me want to go out and buy any yogurt.:eek:
  13. Very sad, and your correct, nobody at the corporate level feels any pain for this. Oops, pay the fine, sorry about that, get back to production. Too many companies like that in this country.