towing with a honda CRV

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  1. I just saw a honda crv towing a boat .about a 17teenfter 150hp merc on the back . I didn;t think these cars could do this ? anybody towing with a small car like a honda crv?? or you thoughs on this,
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    I have a Jeep liberty and tow a 16' fiberglass boat with a 90hp on the back. Liberty's and crv-s are pretty close in size. No problems at all here. I was a little worried at first, but once I got a mile down the road I new I was fine.

  3. I see people all the time towing big boats with their old chevy
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    Its not so much can they pull it but rather can they stop when they need to. I have also saw a boat pull a small car in the water at the ramp while launching.
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    I always see a guy, I forget his name, but he has a smaller Honda SUV and tows a Triton 205 with a 225 on it. I figure he struggles but gets it to and from the ramp when he needs to, that rig loaded will be over 5000.

    My old trailblazer and Frank's TB tow our 621 okay, struggles on ramps when they are steep but gets the job down with a V-6 it has 275 hp though. big 6
  6. Is there a difference in towing safety between front and rear wheel drive vehicles?
  7. Up until a few months ago I pulled my 16 foot boat with a 50hp johnson with my 2001 hyundai elantra. Never had a problem getting in or out. I just had to remember what I was pulling a small car with and not drive like I had a truck and drive accordingly.
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    i tow my 24ft hardtop with my 06 trailblazer v6, my rig loaded with gear will be around 6500-7000, also have pulled it my dads explorer
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    You also got to remember that towing with a 4-cylinder will require the engine to work harder so you will have a chance of over heating the motor and/or tranny. It would probably be a good idea to get a tranny and oil cooler, especially the tranny cooler.
  10. the crv shares close suspension components with the civic.... i wouldnt trust them too much for towing... you wouldnt see me towing anything with my overrated civic....
  11. The CR-V will pull what it's rated for no problem. I would suggest the tranny cooler (part of a tow package) very strongly , but you absolutely will not overheat the engine unless you're driving it like you stole it for a long period of time. Now , stopping it is a differnt item ........ trailer brakes are a must for all smaller vehicles when towing anything over a few hundred pounds, no exceptions !!! Just my opinion, but I have logged a few miles towing in smaller Honda SUV's.
    Be safe out there,
  12. I used to tow my 15' tri-hull with an 85 Chrylser Laser 2.2l and 5sp manual. Didn't do bad pulling and only steep ramps gave me problems due to the 5sp. Stopping was another story however. Emergency stops were not going to happen. The only other thing I ever noticed was not using overdrive (5th gear) would throw the engine temp up near the red so everytime I would find a downhill stretch, I would have to put it in 5th to drop the temp for the next long motor run.
  13. For me personally, I know that small vehicles can tow large loads. I prefer to have big brakes and heavy vehicles= when I hit the brakes, I stop!