Towing with a car

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  1. Im not sure this is the right area to post this but here goes.

    Recently I acquired a 17' aluminum bass boat. According to this link matched up with the title year the weight says 600lbs dry.

    I have a 9.9 johnson on the back so add a few pounds. Well I just found out my 95 ranger is going to be out of commission for awhile. My question is this. Would it be safe to tow this on the back of a 95 mustang v6? I checked the tow capacity and it says 1000lbs. I have seen cars tow boats before but im not sure how safe it is. Any input would be much appreciated. Also to note, my brother in law used to tow his boat with a camero and his boat was much larger then this aluminum 17'.

    I really want to take this boat out and don't want to have to bum a tow from people. lol
  2. I have towed a lot more weight with less vehicle all the way to Calif. No problems. The only thing I see, is be sure your hitch attachment to your vehicle is properly installed and adequately rated.

  3. don't for get a good transmission cooler,,I have destroyed several transmissions on cars because I was to cheap to buy a good cooled and make sure you have a clean cooling system radiators seem to fail a lot while towing and block your wheels on the ramp seen more than one transmission PARK Fail
  4. Thank you for the responses, i feel better now. Looks like the fishing trip this weekend is on! :)
  5. The problem with any rear wheel drive vehicle is that if your rear tires go in the water you might as well be on wet ice!!! There is zero to no traction on a loading dock under water due to algae, slime & whatever else is in the water. Be very careful. I have seen people with boat on trailer, in boat, with outboard floored trying to push small trucks up ramp. Kinda funny if it's not happening to you.