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  1. castmaster00

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    does anyone know of any bass tourneys for amatuers that are in the bottom half of ne ohio?

  2. neocats1

    neocats1 Team Catastrophe

    NEOCATS is fishhing several different locations.
  3. The Boy Scout's are having a "icebreaker" tournament at Portage lakes on April 6. I'll be fishing this tournament. Any one else on here fishing it?
  4. vkutsch

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    Lake Hodgson has 3 tournements every year, 2 5$ entry, 1 10$, and you can rent a boat from them. It's in between Kent and Ravenna, about 20 minutes from Akron. There's a few guys from this site that fish it that might take you on their boat.
  5. ncraft150

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    Look in the tournaments forum. There are post for Portage Lakes open tournys on April 6, 19, and 26.