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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NorthSouthOhioFisherman, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    Hey guys. I would like to get started in some youth tourneys or maybe pro-ams. If any of you have some suggestions for any area of the state it would be greatly appreciated! BTW-Doesn't matter for type of fish.
  2. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    Well if it's for Cats the Ohio Hills catfish club is a great place to start, or NeoCats, or the COCC Club at Oshay......Doc

  3. neocats1

    neocats1 Team Catastrophe

    One of the NEOCATS guys is putting together a youth multi-species tournament. WHen he gets the details to me, I'll post them on here.