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Nov.20th. I got a call from a friend asking me if I wanted to fish with him in a local catfish tournament. My answer was a quick YES, so this is going to be my last trip the river for the year.
Nov.22nd I left my home around 06:50 and meet my friend Curtis around 07:50 at the ramp. We got the boat in the water and joined the other 14 boats on the river. 08:00 everyone took off in a rush to their spots. Curtis did speed down to the spot he wanted. He says that is about as far as he goes downriver. It was a grain terminal loading area. There were no barge there at that time. There was a misty rain and downriver breeze. There was a slight current that held the boat from swinging.
We got our 6 lines in the river by 08:10. Curtis started getting taps at 08:25. So I thought we were going to get some action soon. Around 08:50 the rains started falling so Curtis untied the Bimini top to keep us dry. We both had on our rain gear for we knew it was going a wet and cool day. As the time went by Curtis was still only getting taps, my lines were very still. Finally at 09:50 Curtis hooked a decent size flathead. I did not get a chance to weight it before Curtis put it in the live well. 12:50 Curtis boated a channel cat around 4 pound skipjack.
About 13:30 he used the trolling motor to move down to the middle of the gain terminal. 13:30 Curtis caught a small bluecat on skipjack head. At the very same time my rod got a hard bite. I even hooked a fish; a small channel cat! Now I thought we were going to get some action, however just more taps. 14:00 the wind shifted out of the northwest and the air got much colder.
15:30 we pulled in our lines and headed back to the ramp. We did not get the 5 fish limit just 4 fish. We both knew we would not be in the money. We got the boat on the trailer and climbed in the truck for short time to get a little warmer. We unloaded the boat then I went to get the basket to load the fish for the weigh in. Our total weight was 22 pounds. The big fish of the day was a monster blue cat for this part of the Ohio River of 65 pounds! That team came in second place; for the 1st place team had a total weight of 119 pounds! They had one flathead of 45 pound and 4 other nice cats!
I am still have not broken my jinx of one catfish per fishing trip. I am thankful the rain gear and the bimini top that keep us relatively dry. I am glad that I got the experience of fishing in a local catfish tournament. I may do it again when the weather is more agreeable next year. I just wish I could have added more fish to our total. I did learn were to fish in a new section of the river next season.
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