Tournament donations to fix ramps

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by exexec, Apr 30, 2004.

Good or bad idea?

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  1. I had a thought-what if some or all the tournaments used a small percentage of the pot/payout to repair some of the ramps like ther "old state park" ramp at Portage Lakes. I am not a tournament fisherman but I see alot of posts and see relatively large payouts. I also have seen the ramps heavily used by the tournament guys, but not exclusively-so maybe a "pay to play" fund used exclusively for ramp repair makes some good sense. What do ya'll think-please include whether or not you are a tourney fisher.
  2. ShakeDown

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    I would think that a pay to play makes more sense, as the ramps are used by all, not just tourney guys. And yes, I'm a tourney guy ;)