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marcnsaugeyes Mon Jun-21-04 05:57 PM
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#5085, "What makes a great walleye circuit"

For anything to become great it must grow and evolve, changing as time goes on preventing any moss from growing so to speak. Other than the promotion I have yet to figure out why we aren't bigger than the bass circuits across the country. Sponsors line up to promote bass, NASCAR, wrestling X games etc. When it comes to sports we are the extreme. When the bass guys are pulling boats out of the water because it's to rough, we are putting ours in for the hot bite. We go after fish that don't only have teeth but the guts to make us hunt them.
I think we need someone like Jessie Ventura or the "Rock" to MC events. They would treat tournaments like battles, just what the X-generation wants to see. There wouldn't be a couple of camera boats following the top few around, we'd have camera's in all the boats catching the action and projecting it on big screen for the audience to see. Teams would spread out and an old fashion shot gun start would be the norm just to get the adreniline flowing.
The next generation is what we need to attract. They like something with just a little danger in it and that's what walleye tournaments have to offer. Just enter one at lake Erie if you don't believe me. If they take interest it won't be long when new terminology will pop up like "yo pig you want to troll up a couple of babes tonite", or "she was built like a ripstick".
I've been assisting running a circuit for the past five years and we are growing but slowly. One day I'd like to see my face on a box of wheaties just like every other walleye angler. But in order for that to happen we need to continue to grow so I'd like any opinion of what makes your circuit great now and what you think it will take to make walleye tournament circuits climb the charts to become the number one sport in the U.S.A.
Marc Colwell
vice-president of the Western Ohio Walleye Circuit
Editor of the Western Ohio Walleye News

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