Tough Day at Indian Lake 4-21

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  1. Finally got the boat back from the shop (after 28 days), and decided to go to Indian. Fished Old indian, Tri Humps, Pew, Trolled Ski Zone among other spots. Threw everything in the box at 'em. 1 Saugeye, 1 Channel, and 1 Largemouth. Long day but better than being at work. Saw very few fish being caught.
    The kicker is that I had the boat in the shop for a no oil warning light and they decided to go ahead and replace the VRO, $650.00 later my no oil buzzer was still going off all day.
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    You shoulda tried the Moundwood's been recently "stocked" with just over 600 largemouth that had a combined weight of almost 900 pounds!

    Gotta love poor ole' beat-up Indian...after all these years she can still kick out a 10 fish, 25 pound stringer!

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    I think today was a tough day fishing period. I thought it would be a good day bc it was so warm but that was not the case. I fished a pond that usually produces pretty well and only got 2 today.

    Did anyone go out anywhere today and have a great day?
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    The gills were out in full force today... maybe just for the lake I was fishing. Got 8 nice keepers and released another 18 gills and crappie.
  5. Hit Oshay for first boat trip this year and we lit the crappies up. Probably easy 150 crappies in 3 hours 1-5 foot deep on west side of lake. Jigging. Heres pic[​IMG]