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toronto's warm water discharge power plant

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by swampwalker570, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Are you still allowed to fish around the Toronto power plant that is located south of the New Cumberland Dam? Eight years ago around this time of the year my friend and I caught approximately 2 smallmouth, 3 walleyes, and 25 white bass from the bank using white mister twisters. My 15 year old is starting to get interested in fishing and I would love to take him to some hot warm water disharge fishing. I had heard that this was posted due to people littering. Can someone please let me know?
  2. crappiebub

    crappiebub Justcrazy's Guide!

    The plant you are refering to is no longer running. There are no warm water discharges anywher else in the area reachable from shore that I know of. You might try just below New Cumberland Locks there have been some reports in the Ohio River section from time to time from there.

  3. That guy is right. I live about four miles away from there. The plant has been shut down. If you travel towards wellsville from that plant on state route 7 you will come to another ohio edison which is now first energy. Just below the dam you can pull over and park directly beside of the river on the highway. There you can pick up many fish. It is actually the tailwaters of the lock. You need to fish right where the rocks change. They go from small rocks to bolders. If you go there you will see when you look over the hill. People are right now picking up sauger and walleyes they are slow but biting. Use small minnows either on twisters or plain hooks. Yoou will probabally see me there.
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    Hearsay: I've been told that there is a warm water discharge from the First Energy Plant just above the Newcumberland dam but have not checked it out yet. I don't know where one would park to get to it from shore unless one had permission.


    I fish Eastliverpool for the Flats. In fact the one in the photo is from IN your town. I'll be there again in May.

  5. Lewzer

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    You're allowed to fish any of the hot water discharges on the river except the nuclear power plant near Pittsburgh (is it Beavercreek?). A few years ago the plant manager (Chuck Hunt) and several security guards tried to kick us out of the hot water discharge area around the Cardinal Plant (Ohio Power).
    The Ohio River is a federal navigable waterway and no private corporation can tell you that you can't fish any certain areas which includes their hot water discharge areas.We got written permission from the ODNR and the US Coast Guard stating the only closed areas on the Ohio River are the nuclear power plants(other than the closed boating areas below the dams).
    So if anyone other than the federal govt. tries to tell you otherwise, tell them to go pound salt.
  6. I'm not sure of the name of the Hot Water discharge but it is in the PA Waters of the New Cumberland Pool. It's right above an island and is very clearly marked NO Trespassing and there are security guards with machine guns that patrol the area to make sure you stay the stated distance away. Ever since 9/11 we haven't been able to fish there... Anyone else know where I'm talking about?
  7. The nuclear power plant you guys speak of is Beaver Valley Nuclear Powerr Plant in Shippingsport PA. Just over the PA border with OH. I used to pass it all the time going to pick up my Pop from his truck terminal in Monaca.

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    I know exactly where you mean Bill. We were helping our buddies one day who broke down in the middle of the river right infront of the power plant, I guess the patrol men got curious seeing our 2 boats together. They got on a bull horn and told us that if we didnt leave immediatly force would be used..needless to say we hooked up the tow rope in a hurry :D