tornado in cbus?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by G.LoomisMan, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. just talked to my brother and said the sirens are going off down there and on the weather it says ones spotted? any one else know about this?
  2. I was driving through Columbus at around midnight, and the sirens were going off. It got pretty rough, people were pulling off under overpasses and the FM radio was telling people to get in the basement because they had a warning not just a watch and you could barely see in front of you.

    I never heard of anything touching down, I kept rolling and went up 33 toward Bellefontaine. I heard the radio station announce the cancelation of the warning at around 12:25

    Pretty good storm, hope everyone is okay.

  3. im in south east c bus lots of thunder lightning heavy rain.......sirenes goin off here tornados yet......fingers crossed ;)
  4. The wife woke me up about 11:40pm when the sirens started going off (why??!!). There were several places where the clouds indicated tornados but nothing ever touched down.
  5. It woke me out of bed about 11.30, the TV said they had reports that one had touched down around West Jeff(but couldnt confirm it) it got nasty around here a couple times between about 11.45-1.00.