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topwaters for smallies

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by midoh39, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. midoh39

    midoh39 member

    I'm pretty new to fishing for smallies and lately I have been using tubes with success, but as I read you guys are talking about topwaters for smallies so have some questions. What type of lures do you suggest and what areas are good to fish topwaters??? Any info will really help
  2. fshnteachr

    fshnteachr Lovin' the Outdoors

    I love using Heddon Tiny Torpedos. The smallies attack these and it is really cool! I usually use topwater around a calm pool down from some rapids in the rivers. Good Luck!

  3. Tubes are always one of my personal favorites for river fishing. I also like to use Maribou Road Runners in chartruese. However, top water fishing to me is the most exiting because the fish usually explodes out of the water to engulf the bait. Rebel makes a fun little cricket type thing and I have had huge success with that just twitching it across the surface of the water like a cricket that got caught in the water...the mosr realistic, the better it works. I am also a big fan of poppers. Those are two good top water bait for smallies i have found, however, if you want large mouth, gotta love a buzz bait on a nice hot day runnin on the shore line. Have fun and good luck.

  4. I like 5/8 oz black jitterbugs, black/silver rebel pop-r, black buzzbaits, I like to use them in pools below riffles, any shoreline cover, I also like to toss up on ledges that lead into deep water, I also do most of my topwater after dark.
  5. Tiny Torpedos are my favorite for topwater smallmouth, bar none. As a kid fishing in WV, I would ride my bike to this one river which reminds me a lot of the Little Miami. I would take three or four Tiny Torpedos with me and nothing else. It was nothing to catch between 75-100 smallmouth on them. Since I've been fishing in OH, I use a lot of different baits, mostly soft plastics of some sort, but still do very well on Tiny Torpedos.

    A couple Tips:

    If wading, it's always best to fish up stream and bring the Tiny Torpedo down stream towards you, just a more natural presentation.

    Also, don't be afraid to throw Tiny Torpedos in bright colors, like yellow/orange combinations. The natural colors always work well too.

    When casting, try to cast as close to the cover or bank as possible. Literally cast one to two inches from an object is the way to go.

    I've caught some of my bigger fish by casting out and letting the bait sit still for 10-15 seconds before reeling. Most of the hits will occur as soon as you start to move the bait. They can't stand it and will crush it.

    A slow steady retieve seems to work best for me. Avoid reeling so fast that they begin to do a barrel roll. You'll end up twisting your line and eventually cast out a nasty birds nest.

    If your bait begins to roll or the propeller is not spinning, you may need to adjust the propeller to get the optimum action from the bait. Sometimes simply unscrewing the rear treble hook one or two turns will help or you may need to bend the blade slightly.

    As for line, 6-8lbs test is ideal. I use 8lb.

    Go out and get yourself some Tiny Torpedos and hang-on. :D
  6. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    slashing some orange, gold or chart. rapala's can fire them up at anytime.
    or fast pumping it underwater can sometimes do the trix
  7. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Pay-it-foward fisherman

    I love bigger topwater baits for smallies.
    Something like a zara spook, sammy 110, or a 1/2 buzzbait.
    You will be suprised on how many dinks you still catch with those baits.
  8. creekwalker

    creekwalker Moving water...


    I'll second everything smallmouth crazy said :)

    I'd also add that when fishing the jitterbug, start with a medium steady retrieve and assuming you're fishing after dark, when you hear the splash or the loud sucking sound of the bass trying to take the bait, don't be tempted to set the hook because if it missed the lure, you're likely to pull it too far away from the fish. Just keep reeling and the fish will likely strike at it again (as many as 3-4 times for me) and since your line is taught anyway, you'll know its on when you feel the weight....then set the hook.

    And of course, when fishing after careful. It's safest to fish streams you are very familiar with after dark.

  9. I will second those things added, the other night was the first evening I made it out this year with any luck, alot of the fish popped at it 3 or 4 times(sometimes I resisted the temptation to set the hook sometimes I didnt:D ) if you miss a fish cast back to that area and sometimes they will have a run at it again, Im also very careful of my footing, I walk at a snails pace most of the time, also fish the bait all the way back as they sometimes will hit 2ft in front of you(scares the fesces right out of you:p ;) ) I dont know if its the bait slowing down or the slight change in direction that triggers it but it does happen, its some of the most exciting fishing I do.
  10. And if you are fishing on the LMR at night in Warren county you have to watch out for the Loveland Frog.

  11. OK I'll bite what is the Loveland Frog???
  12. BiteMyLine

    BiteMyLine Just One More Cast

    I often fish creeks and my best topwater lure is by far an orginal rapala. Twitched slowly near any type of structure or flats is deadly. Also like the smallest pop-r or a zara spook(smallest size). I agree with the tactics for setting the hook, you have to wait till you feel the fish which is not an easy thing to do with the adrenaline pumping.
  13. BITE-ME

    BITE-ME Muskie Addict

    Best topwater ever... Rapala Skitter Walk in any color.
  14. Thats funny...if it aint a 8ft ape its a herd of 3ft frogs:D
  15. I'll confess, I'm a converted buzzbait slinger for smallies. A tiny Torpedo is a dink killer and they're a pain to get to run right. Unfortunately, a buzzbait will still catch the dinks (I actually caught one yesterday that was smaller than the lure) but increases your chances of nicer sized fish. Nothing more exciting than the hit on a churning buzzer. My 2 cents.
  16. A couple weeks back I caught what might have been a 5" smallie on a 5/8 jitterbug, get alot of dink rockbass as well.