Topwater Smallies In November

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  1. Hit The River Yesterday With Reelmanly. We Ended Up With 9 Smallmouth, All But 2 Were On Topwater. They Were All Decent Size, But 5 Were Over 2lbs With A Couple Near 3lbs. We Crappie Fished Half The Time And Ended Up With 40 - 50 Of Those. The Crappie Averaged 9-10 Inches With Several Bigger Ones. We Had 3 Crappie Between 13-15 Inches.

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    way to go, did you take the big or the little boat?

  3. thats great, cant believe you guys were hitting topwater smallies..ive forgot about my boat and poles since ive been sitting in the treestand here lately, but that makes me wanna get down there on the river!!!! bill you guys missed a crazy time for the osu-bichigan party!!!! you gonna make it out with us next week for some whitetails?
  4. I Wish I Could Dan, This Will Be The 1st Time In 26 Years That I Won't Be Able To Get Out For Deer Season. It Sucks, But I Can't Afford It. With The Cost Of License And The Days Off Of Work. I Will Be Jonesing (having Withdrawles).
  5. Here's an easy remedy for those withdrawals:

    Just think about how much it sucks once you realize that you have to drag that 200 lbs of dead weight a mile and a half back to the truck. Then when your about half way there your lungs feel like they're frozen from breathing heavily while dragging that dead weight in 20 degree weather and 18" of powdery snow. Then your head starts feeling like it's gonna explode cuz your smoked WAAYY too many cigarettes during fishing season.

    ....not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything. lol :eek:
  6. reelmanly

    reelmanly Set The HOOK!!!!!!!!

    Was in the little pelican with Nitro, felt safe had all the required equipment was just hopin the Man would stop by so he could see how law abiding we were, the topwater bite was killer when they hit, 4th cast and 1 on that started the show rollin, Nitro didn't have any top waters so being the guy I am I just happened to have an extra and gave it to my buddy, Bill had an awesome hit, that thing must have cleared the water by 2 feet with a face full of hooks, i mean they were EATIN em !!!!! Slim Shade sorry bout the party, I never should have put that rod in my hand saturday morning plus I had to pull boats out of the water for the owner etc. We are waitin to see if the TW bite is still on in December. was a fun time more to come this weekend hopefully!
  7. dang, that sucks least the fish are still biting huh....i have been down there several times bowhunting and i passed on a few doe..sen one nice buck but i thinmk there are still some bigger ones there..wish you could go..could use the extra man when those deer are running circles around us haha
  8. Hey great day of fishing. Man i was dying to be out on Oshay today in boat. Those slabs like you got are eager for a jig right now. Killing me being so busy boat is really ticked off at me right now:p. Glad someone is getting out taking advantage of the good weather. Smallies are just to awesome of fish when they jump it is just plain EXCITING!!:D