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  1. Does anyone have a good source where I can get good topo maps of berlin, milton, and west branch? I'd appreciate it!
  2. Try Kames Sports in North Canton. I have also seen them at Gander Mtn before.

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    dmills4124 don m

    Yep, for $9.99. You can print anyone of almost all of the lakes in this state. Although you will have to tape together the sections to make up a whole lake map they are detailed. Some lakes require more sections than others. Berlin took more than 30 pages to do the entire lake.
    For 19.99 you can buy a "navionics hotmaps" DVD with 10,000 plus lake maps for this region. I have both and find the combination of both maps to be the most helpful.
    Or, you can of course contact the civil corp of engineers for a map of each individual lake you want to study.
    I'm sure as soon as more people read your thread you will have many more maps sources to look at.
  4. wow, that was quick! I'll check those out,
    dmills4124 - the CD sounds like a good deal, is it as detailed as the print out site?

    thanks gentlemen (or ladies)
  5. There is a bait shop on rt225 just north of Alliance and rt62, they have lake maps. I got bait there and pick one up, no charge.