Top water Gills

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  1. Went out to Sharon Woods this past Saturday and I caught a few gills on a floating beatle. It was so much fun to see the top water action. When the bug hit the water it made a ripple and then the fish slammed it. Bad part is I lost that bug on the dock, I'll have to go to Sevex's shop to get some more. I also caught a gill on a san juan worm that I tied. I know it's not a hard fly to tie, but that is the first time I have caught a fish on one of my flies. Can't wait to catch a SM or LM with my flyrod.

  2. Sharon Woods Columbus?

    That park is youth fishing only.

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    It is? I remember fishing that in the 90´s, when I was studying at the University of Cincinnati.

    Is there really such a thing as youth fishing only year-round? Never heard of such a thing up here by Cleveland. Maybe I need to re-read the fishing regulations you get when you buy your license just in case.
  4. Sharon Woods in Columbus is youth fishing, year round.

    I live about 3 miles from it...would love a crack at fishing it. Have seen it elctro-fished by odnr it has some BIG bass in it.

    Now if he was talking about Sharon Woods in Cinci...dunno, sorry...I saw the name and assumed Columbus....wanted to give a heads up, the park here is pretty well watched.
  5. Sharon Woods is a park in Hamilton County. The lake is open to everyone and you can rent boats.

  6. Good deal, just hate to see someone get ticketed but in your case...obviously, not a problem.

    I was thinking maybe you were in the Columbus area for the wekend when I saw the name Sharon Woods.
  7. Sharon Woods? I "knew" her in high school. By the way, I am allergic to Pennicylin.