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  1. I was out at Moggie yesterday (and got caught in the huge storm). I was getting hits with a top water frog. I mean they were sucking it down. My problem is setting the hook with them. I'm not sure if it is my line or what. So, I switched to a braided line and then the bites completely stopped. Should I wait a a few seconds to set the hook or what?
  2. i normally try and wait at least a second or 2 most of the time i am ansy and set the hook as soon as i get a hit. i miss a lot that way too though. most of the time i am throwin frogs with my baitcaster and 12lb test fluorocarbon, theres a lil too much strech with mono for me with frogs. maybe the presentation was a lil different with the braided line and they didn't like it. hard to say.

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    I use either heavy mono for all topwater because it floats / fluorocarbon sinks and is better served with cranks, carolina and other bottom-fished baits. When I say heavy mono, I'm use 20-25 lb. Wait until you feel that fish by tighting up the line alittle before you actually set the hook. They'll hang on longer that you think especially with soft plastic baits IMHO.

  4. to set the hook you have to wait until it takes it all the way under then I set it but, sometimes the little bass come up and just take the feathers or the back end where the hooks arent under then there is nothing you can do..

  5. I just got one a couple days ago and only used it once. I seemed to get a lot of the little guys hitting it and couldn't do anything about it!
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    Use a heavier mono, like 17-20lb when fishing topwater frogs, braids, and flurocarbon line which are thin lines sink, and changes the action of the baits, and most of the time turns the fish off. If you have a small topwater, I would go as low as 10lb mono. Berkley xt is a great line for topwaters.
  7. In my opinion braid is the only way to go when frog fishing. I use 30# Suffix Performance Braid which is actually on the lighter side (most prefer 65#). The other, ofter over looked, aspect of frog fishing is your rod. A 7 foot medium heavy rod is probably the most common...I use my 7'6 heavy action E21 Carrot Stick and have had a much better hookup ration this season.

    The last factor is the type of frog your using...

    I like soft plastic frogs over weed beds or submerged vegetation as well as around (not in) pads and heavy cover. Make sure they're rigged properly...if the hook isn't centered you get a funky action.

    With the usual hollow body frog...try trimming the skirt to shorten the profile of the bait. Alot of times bass will short strike the bait. I love the Spro Bronze Eye frogs and Reaction Innovations Swamp Donkey. I throw these in the nastiest cover around and skip them under boat docks, etc.

    As far as the hook set...everyone strikes out once in a while! It's human nature...once you get in a rhythm you'll be swingin' pigs in the boat regularly!
  8. i think the biggest thing is using a heavy powered rod, coupled with a line u trust be it braid, fluoro(it sinks), or mono and some confidence, i have had fish miss my frog completely, and i have had fish knock it out of the water, that rite there makes you mad especially when they get lockjaw after that
  9. thanks for the posts!! I have a medium heavy rod with fireline crystal on it. I had a strike last night, but missed it and that was it. Bad night of fishing all around.
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    I use the Reaction Innovations Swamp Donkey on 15lb Ultracast Invisi-Braid with a 6'6'' medium-heavy rod. I will sometimes use 30lb braid on a 7' heavy rod as well. The key for me has been using a weedless trailer hook on the back of the lure. I use one on each side. In my experience this has helped reduce the number of missed strikes. However, if I am only interested in fighting the big bass I will not use the trailers. The monster bass seem to hook themselves after exploding on the lure. Count one, two and then set the hook!
  11. went to mosquito today in the morning thought id give the shore a shot had a 15-20 inch bass come up and take my frog I got 2 excited and tryed to set the hook right when he hit.. other then that was the worst fishing trip ever for my brother his car broke down wouldnt start then where we broke down we fished for a little bit so we got a jump he forgot his tackle box he had to run back then he came back to the spot and got a snag with his buzz bait and tryed to yank it and his flippin pole snapped in half! I felt so bad for him! :S
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    If your getting short strikes on the feathers or legs put on a trailer hook with the keeper pushing it tight up against the bottom of the frog. it stays pretty much weedless and you'll get more hook ups. It should be on one of the floating frogs to work best. You can also slip the keeper rubber hose over the eye of the trailer hook and then slip it onto the frogs hook so it cant go either direction befor or after the strike.
    gooood luck