Top 10 spin or casing lures for LMR

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  1. sevenx

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    Hey all,
    As some of you my know I have recently opened a fly shop in Milford right next to the LMR. Due to many request's I am considering bringing in a selection of spin and casting tackle geared towords the LMR. What would you like to see in the shop if you could pick just a small go to selection of lures and lines and the the like for the LMR to start with? This would be a text run for me. I would be able to bring rods in from Temple Fork Outfitters who make very nice fly rods and offer a line of spin and casting gear They are partnered with Okuma reels I also would cary Redington Rods and reels. THis would be my selection to start with. Any advice or thoughts would be helpful. Keep in mind I can't bring in everything right away so this would be a limited selection to start. If you want to stop in the shop and say hello and talk about it that would great.
    Thanks to all who have been in and all who post here for all the great advice.
    Allthought I am a fly fisherman all the reports are still very helpful to me as far how to take spin techniques and translate them into fly fishing methods.

    Thanks again.

    Steve, aka sevenX
  2. Definitely small spinners. I prefer roostertails, sizes from 1/16 up to 1/6, colors of white and black with either silver or gold blades, firetiger gold blades only, and maybe some yellow or greens with silver blades, pinks and oranges with gold blades

    Obviously small grubs and jigheads. I'd say 2" - 3", and colors of white, chartruse, black are the most important to have. I also like having some kind of crayfish colored grubs too. For the jigheads, I rarely use heavier than a 1/4 oz. I like white, green, pink and yellow, but I use a lot of plain jigheads too since they're cheaper.

    That's really all I stick to. I don't fish crankbaits much. They're too expensive to be losing all the time. Plus I move around a lot, and a grub can be fished in a variety of ways. I guess I'd like to see the normal array of rapalas and maybe a couple rattle traps.

    For line I use anywhere from 6-14 pound test, proably using 6 and 8 the most often. I only use higher than 10 when I'm bottom fishing.

  3. roostertails, I prefer red/white combo but I carry all the colors. dicks has a roostertail copy spin lure at half the price - that's what I buy.
    jigs in red/white are deadly for crappie.
    I've caught channelcat floating a stonefly nymph as well.

    For softbaits, I use watermelon and crayfish colors. I don't really fish with the crankbaits either.
  4. Steve,
    I prefer to use a countdown rapala or a storm swimbait when I have the spinning rig out. I think as long as you provide a useful, albeit small, selection of standard lures such as these or those mentioned by the previous posters you should do fine.
    Everyone else, it can't hurt to expand the arsenal as well. A spin rod can be used to throw flies if you need it to. I have had success in switching to artificial flies when I wouldn't get fish to bite on a jig or crank. If you use a water bobber or a split shot up-line (depending on how you want to present), you can cast just about any fly a long rodder can. I have thrown nymphs this way and caught fish during hatches when I couldn't get 'em to even look at a jig or crankbait.
  5. Yeah I forgot about those clear casting bubble floats. That would probably be a great thing for you to carry since its a fly shop.
  6. Red The Fisherman

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    Tubes!!! Skirted grubs w/ offset shank hooks & Bullet weights. And of course my famous minnow spinners. Roostertails are always good. I'll be in to see ya soon!
  7. people will buy
    3in storm swimbaits
    2.5in mad man or yum craws watermelon, orange/brown
    3-4.5in tubes various colors
    2-4in white, chart, brown, & black grubs
    1/16-1/4 ounce jigheads (maybe some 1/8standups)
    various roostertails
    rebel wee craws, #5 shadraps, smaller raps
    spools of 4-10lb line just in case
    split shot and hooks

    that would be the best selling basics, in my opinion O'course
    goodluck with the shop i hope to stop in when i get the chance
  8. Rob

    Rob Crappietracker

    The river.... what those guys said plus Panther Martin spinnerbaits in 1/4- 1/16 oz.

    My .02

  9. Pigsticker

    Pigsticker State record bass or bust

    I think soft plastics would be the cheapest way to offer the most variety to your customers. I can't believe noboday mentioned plastic worms.
  10. I have had the most success on the LMR with TUBES and ROOSTERTAILS
  11. I use tubes for about 95% of my LMR smallmouth fishing. You might consider selling a “mom & pop” brand of tube. I’m just thinking that selling Wicked Tubes, Case plastics, or Hooked-up Bait Tubes (none of which are sold at Bass Pro or Wal-Mart), might give spinning customers a reason to make a special trip. I know that I have driven past Bass Pro many times to get Snoozer Tubes, and other small market products.
  12. Steve,
    Hate to sound like a broken record, but last Thur. evening, I caught 4 sauger casting the Gizz4 crankbait and reeling it down stream in the fast shallow water into the slow shallows. Bass Island.
    Here's what I've caught on Gizz4 on the LMR:
    This was caught on a small diving minnow crank similar to the Gizz3:
    This smallie caught on Gizz4 last summer w/Team Smack:
    The Gizz3 smaller version is coming soon, we have the mold and prototypes are being fished to clean up the action.
    Both lures would be a great addition to your store, I'll get by with some demo's to give you to try.
  13. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Thanks guys for all the advice. My thoughts about this topic are leaning in the way of providing a good selection for spin fisherman. I fish for cats and blue gill and bass on conventional tackle and still have blast doing it. When I fish rivers I fly fish. Flyfishing is my passion and what I prefer to do but I am not one of those guys that feels any thing else is less of a way to fish. My goal with my shop is to provide a place where people can come for info, just come in and talk fishing, post pics on the bragging board and learn about the sport from beginer to those who have alot of experience. So bringing in gear for spin and casting would, in my opinion be a wise choice. I will however not likley carry any bait. Other than that I am open to the idea. Thanks again for all the advice and any of you guys from the area please stop in and say hello and we can talk further about the idea.

    Steve aka sevenx
    227 main st
    milford oh 45150
  14. Steve, planning on having a web site for your store?
  15. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Yes it is up now, Though I really have not begun to build it up yet, still waiting to meet with designer to show me how to do it all. S