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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by moondog5814, May 4, 2008.

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    Tooth started hurting last week. I was up all night Wednesday, because of the pain. I actually thought about suicide. Made it to the dentist Thursday and they recommended that I see and endodontist. I had already had a root canal on the tooth. So now I have to wait till Wednesday to see the specialist. I look like I have a wad of Mail Pouch in my mouth because of the swelling. I am taking antibiotics and Vicodin. If I didn't have the Vicodin I would be climbing the walls. Anybody have any home remedies or suggestions. I am ready to jam a needle into my cheek or gum to relieve the pressure. I am going out of my mind. It is hurting all the way from my tooth, up my jaw, all the way to my ear.
  2. Lewis


    Get a bottle of the old full strength Listerene mouth wash.
    Get a mouth full and hold it on the affected area.
    You should do this several times an hour.
    It provides some decent relief as well on working on killing any abcess that might be there.
    I had a bad toothache on the 1st day of a 7 day Canada vacation one year.
    This method got me through the week until I ciould get it pulled.

  3. I would have it pulled, if you have already had a root canal and its back to haunt you again I wouldnt have a second thought about it.
  4. i know this sounds crazy, but hold a piece of ice the size of a golf ball in ur hand and make a fist on it.
  5. sounds like u have an abcessed tooth and they didnt take care of the infection, just had one pulled, go to the store and get some childrens motrin chewables and chew two of them close to the bad tooth this will take the pain away and i was in ur place a week ago, the pain is so bad u cant even sleep and it just brings u to tears, they might not be able to pull it if it is abcessed until after uve been on antibiotics, then they will pull it, but they wil pressure u to save it, i have to go and get another one pulled here soon too but that one im not looking forward too since its gotta be surgically removed.
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    Just pull it. You will feel 10 years younger after that. I did 2 of them.
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    Rinse your mouth out with salt water. Hold it in your mouth for several minutes before spitting it out-then do the Listerine thing.

    The anti-biotics should be working??