Took the girls ice fishing.

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  1. Took my daughters out the ice was good and the temps mild but they still wanted the shanty. We iced some gills and trout. We had a blast!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nothin wrong with a hole lota fun!:D

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    What lake did you go to if you wouldnt mind sharing.
    BTW Looks like fun and nice pics!
  4. Merikal Farley trout club in Swanton. Its 5-6 acres, 22 feet deep and stocked mostly with trout but we have caught some nice bass, gills, crappie, and the occaisional catfish. It is a private club but a great place to take the kids. Probably the best $100 I spend every year.
  5. Dang randy, how did it feel to fish on ice thicker than 3 inches?? lol Had jaimy set up past where we had to stop yesterday. Made about 2 inches last night.
  6. There was an easy 8" where we fished today. After the last few days it was nice to "relax" and just fish, no worries of swimming. I had a good time yesterday, I'll be back out mid-week.
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    really cute pics....thats awesome man.
  8. looks like a great day with the kids!!! kudos to you!!! and those "straps" look awsome!!!
  9. Bet they had a blast! They won't forget times like that,good for you.
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    swantucky.....short and sweet............simply making "MEMORIES", thanks for sharing.... great outdoor trips to you this year......Jon Sr.
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    Awesome randy, looks like the girls had a blast.
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    It's great to hear your kids enjoy fishing so much. They are the future of our sport.
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    The look on the girl's faces says it all.
  14. :C Hay swantucky from the looks of the pic. your girls had a great time, anytime you are catching you are having fun. Our fishing future is in great hands, we have a couple of fisherwomen amoung us. Good job girls. everytime dad takes you out you will learn more.....and have a good teacher you call DAD.....Good luck this comming year to you and your girls.
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  15. Thanks for all the kind words. My older daughter is at my parents tonight and I just called her to tell her to check out this thread, she thinks its pretty cool. He older brother is probably spitting nails that he had a friend over and did not go. I went to the same spot tonight and only managed 1 bullhead, 1 gill, and one trout, but my excuse is I forgot the Vex.
  16. I hate to bring this back to the top but I had to. This is the note my 10 year old gave me tonight after being home form school today.

    Thank you Dad for taking me and Elizabeth ice fishing.

    I had a good time fishing and playing with Elizabeth.

    I thought it was really funny when Elizabeth peed on you!! It was hilarios!! I thought you would be mad but when you laughed I knew it was o.k. for me to laugh! I also loved our lunch/dinner. It was great, I thought it tasted like really good steak. So thanks for that stuff. I am also thanking you for everything else you did for me.

    Being a Dad is great!!!