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  1. And we fished! Nick, Sam and I hit Portage Lakes, loking for some open water. There wasn't much! LOL. We ended up casting some small tube jigs for crappie near the clock tower. No bites, no fish, but it was good to get out and cast. Lots of ice on most all of the main lakes. Best open water opportunity was Long Lake. It's about half open and the Cove Rd launch connects to the open water. Saw 4 boats out there today! Won't be long...

    After that, we stopped in at Land Big Fish to look around. They are READY for the warm up, that's for sure! The e21 Carrot Stix rods are so sweet... I gotta get me one of those...
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    Amen !!! Nice fishing rods !!!!

  3. ....Big Daddy ...This may seem like a dumb question....But what is an E21 Carrot Stix and what does it look like...I can't say I have ever heard of one.....But my grandpap always told me there is never a dumb question....he was not that well educated .... just wise from age....
    P.S. JoJo you can answer my question,...if you want...
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  5. ....Parma Bass....Opened up the link you gave me.....Thank You....Sorry not my type of rod.....I must be old fashion I don't know....Don't like the style ..they may be for some but not me....Thanks again!!!!!!
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  6. Just look for the rack full of orange as you head in the door at the shop. :D