took my dad out

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by riverKing, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. took my dad and a friend of mine out to brookville sat evening. rigged the old man up to nymph and tried a small blue winged olive myself. after 15-20 minutes i had only had one take and my dad was struggling to fish the nymph. headed to a different spot and i wanted to see the old guy catch some trout, he doesnt have the time to fish much so it's nice to see him hooked up, at the next riffle i tried to show him how to drift more naturally, and in the process hooked up to a nice brown. i handed the rod over and let him have fun with the fish and after a few minutes had a 17in brown in hand. my dad catches on quick, in the next 20 or so minutes he had a half dozen more fish, including a gorgeous 14in rainbow, and several lost hookups. the action slowed a bit and we moved once again, i was looking for a callenge so a rigged a long 7x tippet and tied on a size 22 or 24 midge emerger and waded out to meet some rising fish in a slick run. after ten minutes of spooking fish and watching my fly drift over their heads i slowed down and picked out a steadily working fish. made my cast and watched where i thoughed (and hoped) my little fly was drifting, and right as it got to the fish there was a rise and i was on to a nice 14in brown. having outsmarted one fish i figured i would head up to the next riffle and watch my dad pund fish with the nymph, wich he proceeded to do with more skill than i expected from the old man considering his lack of recent practice, while i caught a few more with the small dry. we ended the night walleye fishing for a short time and my friend landed a nice 20in walleye, his personal best. it was a very nice evening with lots of fish so i figured i would share
  2. Sounds like a special evening! Fish or no fish,(and it seems that you certainly got into some fish!) time spent on a stream with a Dad is time well spent!
    Thanks for sharing!