Too tired to fish??

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  1. Ever get so worn out getting ready to go that by the time you finished all the necessaties, you really didnt feel like going?

    Man ! talk about tired. by the time I got done mowing the lawn, and re-organising the van, I'm ready to take a nap. All those big surgeries the past year has taken more outta me than anybody around the house realises. Instead of being the one to tell everybody to hurry up all the time....
  2. operations can really take it out of you. I had some serious operations back in 2005. Took me atleast a year to a year and a half till I started to feel better and back to normal. Hang in there, it's gets better as time goes on.

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    Naw man.... no.... thats not right....
  4. 2008 has been a weird year for me and for a few other friends I've talked to recently. Just a general lack of motivation to hit the lake as often as we used to.
  5. i second that. I might be tired before I go, but once I get there, I usually get a good burst of energy. Fishing is my Crack
  6. I went fishing eleven days in a row last season on Lake Erie. On the twelfth day, I rested, and didn't even wat to hear the word 'fishing'.

    On the thirteenth day, surprisingly enough, I went fishing.
  7. Het, u my friend, u are a trooper!

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    I can time you grab your rods, tackle boxes, radio, GPS, coolers, run and get bait, ice, and fuel, then go to the crowded ramp and wait a half hour to launch, then remember you forgot something...yeah, next year I'm getting a dock.;)