Too late for channels?

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  1. I might have some free time in the early to mid-afternoon next week and was wondering if I might find some channel cats somewhere this time of year. I don't want to get too far from southeast Columbus. And I don't really want to do a paylake. What are they hitting? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. its never "too late" for channels, they can be caught year round. right now with the low water they are going to be hard to find and catch though. try to find as much current as possible wherever you fish like at the head of a riffle or at the back of a hole right before the next riffle. also spots where a river "bottlenecks" or anywhere the water is constricted and makes faster current.

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    If you're looking for someplace close to where you live i'd try the pond at Heritage park in Obetz. Big channels,blues and flatheads (they stock it). Pretty much a paylake without the "Pay" part. If you wanna venture a bit farther i'd try The Scioto,Griggs,Hoover or Alum.Try deeper water with chicken liver,cut shad or live bait (gills,chubs,warmouth,goldfish) on the bottom. The cats are hitting earlier right now. The best time is 4 pm till about 8 pm or so but if it's an overcast day with a little wind you're likely to have better luck no matter what time you fish.