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    chaunc mentioned this a few years ago, and ive seen it in ads for ice skimmers. i was going to just mark the handle with a magic marker from a tape measure, then i remembered i had this sticker laying around, so i cut off what i needed and put it on my scoop. then i wrapped it with a peice of clear tape to protect it. main use - measuring panfish. secondly, to check ice thickness. this will be better than the little 12' tape measure i used to use.

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    i know i have a cloth tape i could do that with ... hmm might as well do it!! thanks lol

  3. An easier and cheaper way to do that, is to bend the hook at the top of the handle into a 90 degree, and take a sharpie marker and ruler, and mark the depth on the shaft. Done this to mine about 5 years ago, and the marks are still there.