Too Cold To Ice Fish???

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Big Joshy, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. ok so im thinking about heading out tomorrow morning. Am I crazy?
    Its supposed to be 10-15 below in the morning. Anybody ever fished during cold like that??? Will it affect the Bite for good or bad? This is uncharted cold for me.

    By your replies I will make my decision.
  2. leadcorebean

    leadcorebean Charter Captain

    well i just got home from skeeter and just thawed out.. it was cold!!! there were guys out there without shantys or heaters man those guys are tough!! thought about going back out but im going to wait till sat. i had the heater crankin and it made me sick for a few minutes from the fumes.ive fished -30 windchill in the u.p the fish dont seem to mind to much.

  3. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    I'll be out starting tomorrow afternoon through sunday.
  4. hearttxp

    hearttxp Lake Erie Charter Captain

    To Me it's not the cold that gets you It's the Wind !! I suppose there is somthing to that wind Chill thing ! But it doesn't stop me to go out just bring more Propane & Crank up the HeaT ! Going out the next three days !
  5. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    I've fished -30....actual air it just depends on either how crazy one is.... or just how bad your cabin fever is.... or will you have to wait 2 weeks before you have an honest shot at goin again....."thought for the day".....frozen lips have less to say.
  6. Fished Temagami Ontario a couple years ago. -30 first morning, -40 next morning and -45 third morning. No wind. Nice and crisp.

    Declined the Ski Doo and walked the mile to the huts.
  7. Hey Josh about that phone call sometime!!;) Uh please do not call me tomorrow! to much cold for me!!:) Have fun if you go becareful!
  8. hawgjam

    hawgjam smell my finger

    That's a 6 cans of propane buddy heater running full tilt plus a lantern kind of morning.
  9. OhioHuntr02

    OhioHuntr02 OSU Fisherman

    Hey I'll be out tomorrow morning also with two other friends. So at least you wont be the only crazy people out.
  10. i just got in from ice fishing. its cold, real cold. didnt get a bite. it was still fun and ill do it again tomorrow. if the sun is out when you go tomorrow it will prolly be a lot warmer then what it was tonight. the real question is do you have a good shanty with a heater or lantern? if yes then go and have fun. if its to cold then go back home. nothing to lose by going.
  11. Nope, will just have to keep the beer in the cooler. It will freeze with those temps. I will be their.
  12. bassmastermjb

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    Wait a second.....We haven't had a good ice season since the winter of 05' -06'. Now that we have it, we're not going to go outside because it's too cold? What are we, Mice or Men? It's finally here, lets get out and enjoy it!!! I can feel a Presque Isle trip coming up very soon................Mark
  13. Hit Nimisila today for 3 hrs. Lots of bad omens when I woke up. Knew it was going to a bad day: had 3 strikes against me:
    1. Frigid Temperatures in the single digits
    2. Sunny, crystal clear, blue-bird morning
    3. Wind from the East.

    Got one dink!
  14. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    I would say that is would be unfishable without a shanty. It would be hard to keep the ice hole from freezing shut on your line.
  15. i was at nimi also.
  16. got a fish trap guide and a heater. I decided not to go just because of the fact that I can't stay for the evening bite, and I don't trust my car enough.
    an old cherokee with 236,000 miles and below zero temps dont mix well on a drive over an hour. I should be out on monday though.
  17. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Being retired is great. Dont have to be desparate anymore.:) Can wait an extra day if i want now. Too cold, i'll watch sports center for a while and drink coffee. And play on the puter.:p
  18. For here they are calling for a heat wave on Saturday with a high of 28°.:eek: It may be a shorts day.:D:p
  19. Chaunc ...You are the smart one...Bassmastermjb it is not the question of are we mice or men...You will know what it is like when you get 30 more years on your life...As you get older it is not as easy to take the cold as it was when you were young...Our brain wants us to be the heman but our body tells us something else...No man wants to admit he is not the man he used to be......Jim....
  20. Being older than dirt,I get out when ever I can,,,I have clothes for every occasion...look how nice is turned out yesterday,,,cold but little wind,,,I fish Canada a lot, many days it gets up to -20 F ..we dress for it if it is not windy we will set out if it gets windy or we get cold ,,go in the shack is to short not do what you want ,,,I have a lot of friends won't go if to cold ,,but they will take the fish ,,,they always wish they would have went,,except when I don't catch anything,,,,nothing like cleaning fish and talking about the good old days ,,just try to remember today will soon be one of the good old days ,,,thats one thing about being retired you can do what you want when you want,,,to each his own ,,,,just enjoy life the way you want,,,