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Too cold outside!

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by vc1111, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Looks like its going to be a great weekend to hunker down in the basement and chop up some timber. Minus 5? Are you kiddin' me?:eek:

    I considered going ice fishing, but I don't know...pretty nasty out there.

    Think I'll just hole up and play with my toys at home.
  2. VC,

    Tell me about it. I just spent 7 hours on a tractor plowing roads- and the tractor didn't have a cab! Thank God for Carhartt bibs and parkas! I plan on doing some basement building this weeknd also. I have about a zillion things on my mind that I want to try. I feel like I have a PhD's worth of info stored in my head from you, Tigger, and the rest of the guys on here. You guys have been such a big help to me. Thanks :)


  3. triton175

    triton175 STX 206 Viper

    Great weekend for lure building.
    I have the added bonus of the wife and daughter being out of town. I can play all day or all night, with the stereo cranked up.
    I can do my epoxy work in the kitchen too, it's much warmer than the basement.

  4. Husky


    Remember when it was punishment to be sent to your room, alone! Another irony of life.
    Above all, beware of the "DOGHOUSE!", when messin' in the Kitchen!
  5. I haven't made any lures yet this winter. I'm going to the boat show this Sunday and plan on attending a couple of the fishing seminars. I'm sure that will jump-start my lure making. :)
  6. husky i now what ur saying about playing in the kitchen i had to go buy my wife a new table and chairs becaused i got a little paint, epoxy cut marks and even burn marks on the table .every time i head to the loundry room she says dont even think about it . i guess i just stay in the dog house.
  7. Husky


    Did you click on "DOGHOUSE!" in my post? It'll reacquaint you with some old buddies.