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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by streamstalker, Dec 2, 2007.

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    I just want to bring up my post from a few weeks ago:

    "Speaking of calls....I'm pretty sick of instant replay. How do they reverse that back of the end zone out of bounds call? (Steelers vs. Browns) The ref is right there staring at it and they show the grass all dented right on the line. I seem to see a lot of those reversals anymore and it does not make any sense when it is that close of a call. I also have seen several plays this year where the refs have ruled a catch on the sideline and did not rule that the player was pushed out. Then they review it and the guy is slightly out of bounds, but the replay also clearly shows he was pushed out.....The guy looking at the film does not have the authority to take the push into consideration, now and he has to rule it incomplete."

    You just have to be sick if you are a Browns fan. It seems like the refs don't know the force-out rule exists. It really bummed me out when it worked against the Steelers a couple of times earlier in the year.

    Of course, you can't really bitch when a call goes against you on the last play of the game. Still.....I really feel bad for you guys.
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    we lost that game way b4 the last play.

  3. It's a shame, but the bottom line is we lost due to a couple of really STUPID turnovers! Throwing deep into triple coverage & the underthrow hook that went for 6 the other way. We had a couple others, but those 2 were AWFUL. The turnovers lost it, not one call at the end of the game. They didn't do a lot's what we gave 'em via turnovers.
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    Well the Lions true colors have shown themselves... looks like it's now the Browns turn. :(
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    It's only one game and a road game to boot, Lions look BAD and have lost 4 in a row. If the Browns lost by 32 like the Lions did I'd be a little worried.
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    And that Arizona DB new he pushed him. Did you see him throw his hands up after the fact? Oh well, they have the mighty JETS next week who dropped 40 on Miami, that could be a high scoring game!
  7. How do you not call a force out. I was yelling it from the second the ball touched his hands and I was further from the play while sitting on my couch than the ref was! Next time I will try and scream louder, maybe the refs will here me.
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    I think the game was lost when we had them stopped at our 40 yard line after the second turnover. In comes Leigh Bodden & he kicks the ball.After the first down Arizona caps off the drive with a TD. After the game Bodden said he didn't know that was a penalty? How could you be that stupid? I think all the stupid plays are a reflection on the coaching. This guy Crennel is supposed to be some defensive guru, & yet we are last in defense & last in points scored against us.