Tony Stewart leaving JGR

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by iam20fan, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. well like all the dale jr fans i now have to buy a new wardrobe. stewart is leaving to start his own team. i hope he does better the michael waltrip and robby gordon. ryan newman is a possible teamate next year. office depot and old spice are primary sponsors. also the wicked stepmother is rumored to be selling D.E.I.. she should have sold it to dale jr when she had the chance
  2. Stewart wants back in Chevy's and may be doing the best thing by starting his own or buying into a team.

    Haven't heard the rumor about DEI. May Jr. will obtain it and do as his father did. Own one team and drive for another.

    What about Mark Martin driving for Hendrick? How many years now has Mark been retiring? Yeah, right. I'm glad though because I like Mark. I was glad when Rusty retired but now he is in a position to be even more iritating.

  3. should be fine, they said he is taking the home depot sponsorship with him and maybe the number also......and yes, Dale jr changing everything has been a bit expensive :D