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  1. matthew2217

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    Heading out tomorrow for steelhead. I have some patterns I am going to try out first, spawn sack, clouser, and wooly bugger. But I need a little help in what region of the chagrin or grand I should be fishing? Closer to the mouths or downstream more? I have been trying to learn more about Steelhead but I dont know much about these rivers. Moved to this area not too long ago. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. DanAdelman

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    the fish are spread through out the rivers at this point I would think...
    If the chagrin I would stick to the well known holes todds field or soccer field or daniels park something like that...
    I have never fished the chagrin...
    All you really need is a decent map and spend about 15 mins on google earth looking for bends and ripples anything that may look good to you...
    The rocky is also a choose that has a lot of easy locations to fish...hence the popularity...
    You will have a better time if you find a cool spot on your own it will give you a good feeling of accomplishment...
    You could also try asking the bait shop by the grand they can put you on fish and tend to be informative...
    Another idea could be searching through the forums to look for specific areas that hold fish...
    And your last resort could be sending me a PM...

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    check the flow rates before you go it looks pretty blown right now (579cfs)and they expect more rain so might not be worth it. but if that is your only chance to get out i understand why you would want to go
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    the chagrin's rreally going strong right now. especially at the dam in gates mills where Gilly's fly shop used to be.theyre jumping all over the place, eggs and spoons working real well. also saw some fly fissherman hook up using egg patterns below strike indicator. i'll be there tomorrow. im 15 1/2, can still hold my own with my fishing elders :) good luck wherever you end up
  5. I went today to kiwanis park on the grand ididn't catch anything i got a few bites i saw this guy catch 4 steelhead though
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    I was at the Chagrin this morning. Fast and dirty down by the soccer fields. You'll need to hit the feeder creeks upstream for any decent chance at fish.