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  1. jac


    any one have and use a tom tom G,P,S nav' system
    on this site ? going to get one and wanted to know if
    any one used them, any info would be appreciated
    thanks for any info you may have.
  2. I dont have a tom tom but i do have a garmin nuvi 200 that works great i have had it over a year and it has never let me down. My family has always had garmin products and we have never had a problem with them i have had a garmin etrx for over 4 years and i still use all the time with ZERO problems. I would look around at the garmins might be a couple bucks more but you get what you pay for :D :D :D

  3. Garmin Streetpilot !!!! Good bang for the buck;)
  4. Sorry, I can't help you either. I passed on the Tom Tom in favor of a Garmin StreetPilot. Let me know if you have any questions about the Garmin or about GPS navs in general.
  5. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Son got me a "Garmin" Streetpilot for X-mas..............and man do I love it. Easy...... simple... right out of the box usage, no all nite read the manual before you can use it.........
  6. Bought a Tom Tom for the wife and she thinks it is the greatest. It is simple to use and you can download updates from their site free of charge.
  7. Bassnpro1

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    you can't go wrong with any of these. Some have more bells and whistles than others, but they all get you to where your going. My parents have the TomTom One and they love using it.
  8. 2talltim

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    i have a tomtom one 3rd edition only about $150 and my buddy likes mine better than his garmin that he paid $300 for...easy to use smaller and most important to me cheaper
  9. TOM TOM ONE is the best thing since sliced bread. I paid $200 for mine about 1 year ago and I LOVE it. It is so easy to use and very accurate. My wife has one built into her Honda and it was VERY expensive and about half the quality of my little tom tom one.
    Not speaking for the other brands mentioned but I just know you will be satisfied with the unit.
  10. Exactly. I've been in IT for over 20 yrs and I was blown away with how simple they made those little touch screens without sacrificing any functionality. I wish all technology was that
  11. I agree with Shortdrift. I've had one since Christmas and love it. I just wish it had the optional Mister T voice on it! Turn left FOOL!!

  12. Hey Guys, do the Tom-Toms and Garmins you mentioned have a marine application (i.e. work on a lake/river) or do they just have street maps for automobile/truck use? I’m looking for something cheap to replace my Lowrance 334. My Sonar works great, but GPS died as soon as the 1 year warranty ended.
  13. Road use only. You can't enter any lat/lon coordinates into the Garmin StreetPilot. Not sure about the Tom Tom.
  14. Lundy

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    I purchased the Garmin Nuvi 660 and really like it.
  15. captnroger

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    I recently picked up a new car, without built-in Navigation. I wanted built-in, but the right car came along without it. I'm going to be picking up a Garmin, though I understand Tom-Tom is pretty good. Garmin's just been in the business longer and I trust their products.
  16. ParmaBass

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    I give the Tom Tom One 7 out of 10. Very simple to use, only bad thing is the mounting suction cup that refuses to suction no matter how clean the surface is. There has to be a better mounting solution, because it's hard to use when it's down at your feet!
  17. Just a heads up. The Garmin StreetPilot c550 comes with Bluetooth and an mp3 player but it won't accept i-tunes music files. Mp3 only. If I had a do-over I would just buy the basic unit.
  18. Refreshing this post since the wife wants one for her birthday at the end of the month.

    Jac: Did you choose one of these models and if so, how do you like it?

    Does anyone have a model where you can download cities/streets in other countries like Europe, South America, etc? We like to travel abroad...
  19. Foreign countries are available on chips purchased separately.

    Since you're on the subject of downloading maps, I was rather po'd to receive an email from Garmin about a month ago saying the 2009 map upgrade is now available.....for $69.95!! Apparently I was under the false impression that the yearly map upgrades would be free downloads for Garmin customers. Silly me :mad:.
  20. dip

    dip dip

    i have a tom tom one and was told that the upgrades are free... but with magellan and garmin you have to pay. i had 2 mageelans crap out on me but no problems with the tom tom. never had problems getting the suction cup to stay on my windshield either, just a drop of water and you're all set.