Tom Brady is out for the season

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  1. and i have him on my fantasy. we are going to see how good the Patriots really are.
  2. Celebrating ANY injury to a player = NO Class

    I HATE the Patriots....I REALLY can't stand Brady, but I feel bad for him, his team, and their fans.

  3. Hmmm....Karma for Spygate? No really, I feel bad for Brady. He is a great QB and fun to watch on Sunday's.
  4. Been a Steeler fan all my life and still hate to hear it. I feel sorry for the fans, you know they were looking forward to the season and now its all in limbo. I feel bad for Brady too. Hate to see it happen to a Q.B. or any player for that matter.
  5. I also had him on a fantasy I have Pennington and Cassell, this week anyway.

    As for the injury, hate to see it happen to anyone - the pundits have already written off the pats to get to the playoffs...mistake - look what happpen to Brady and Big Ben when they got their starting positions due to injury
  6. Yep, I had him on my fantasy team as well. I also had him last year and cleaned house with him. So now it is time to reload...for me and for the Pats.

    I hear many haters comment about Brady's injury and I don't understand the logic. Why would anyone be excite about a player getting hurt.:confused: I have always admired Brady for what he does on the field. I still think he may be one of the best QB's in the last decade. Just look at what he has done already and he still has a few more years on the tank. He is extremely knowledgeable and can read a defense perhaps better than anyone.

    I hope for his sake the recovery goes well and he is back on stride next year. Not that I am a Pats fan but I always have been one to admire great athletes and their accomplishments regardless of the jersey they are wearing.
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    It's easy to dislike a "Great" player when they are not on your team. It's got to suck for the Patriots and their fans to know that this season will be interesting for them. Although I'm not a Patriots fan I wish him a full and speedy recovery. He's definitely one of the best QB's out there. Plus it's always more satisfying to beat a great team with all their starters that way you don't hear about all the excuses why they lost.
  8. I am not into fantasy footbal, but it's a shame to see ANY player go down to serious injury.
    I was talking to co-workers today.....B Favre signed with the Jets, but had he "waited" until the 1st week of the season were gone, where do you think he would be now? What an IDEAL situation that would be for him (AND the Pats!).....playing out his career with a very legitimate shot at a Super Bowl win, not playing a year then riding the bench later like a younger QB would. He could then retire with the BIG notch in his belt.
    Let's hope Brady comes back strong as ever when he does return.