Togiak River, Bristol Bay, Alaska

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  1. Just got back from 3 weeks of fishing silvers coho) in Alaska. Absolutely an epic run this year for some incredible fishing. The best silver fishing I had ever seen and the best the camp manager had seen in over 15 years. Most fishing was done using 1/4-3/8oz jigs with 12lb test or stripping large streamers on 8wts with sink tips. We did manage to catch a few fish on top water stripping wogs. Although almost any color will work, pink is the only color you really need. I'm not much of a numbers guy, but just so everyone understands how good this fishing was, a modest guess would 80 fish landed per day on jigs and about half that if we were fly fishing. I'm sure some days approached the 150 mark. In 3 weeks I would estimate around 1,500 silvers boated on my boat. Most fish were 8-12lbs with the biggest at 17lbs. Also caught many pinks, chum, rainbows, and dollys with a few sockeye in the mix.

    The highlight of the trip for me was a 30.5in 13lb rainbow caught on a 3wt rod. Took over a half mile downstream in the boat to land the fish. This fish was a beast! The most rediculous part of the trip was a guy in my boat landing 3 fish in 3 casts on a bare 3/8oz lead headed jig, no paint, no twister tail, just a peice of lead and a hook. His twister tail had fallen of on a previous fish. And I swear these fish were not snagged. Unbeleiveable.

    Great trip to a fishermans and outdoorsmans paradise. If any of you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend it.

  2. the 30.5in 13lb rainbow


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    Sweet, nice pics ! That bow is a brute ! I will get back up there when the kiddies get a little older !;) Awesome fishery that's for sure, for those that have not been there, well there is nothing like it !
  4. This is the winner of a derby we had one day. 14lbs, 8oz

  5. Thanks Krusty! Yeah, that bow was rediculous, I'm not even holding out in front on me either. See ya in a couple weeks at hawgfest!
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    I'll see you there, man those pics make me green with envy. I definitely miss making those trips ! I thought you were up there during the King run also ?:confused: If so how did you do ?
  7. No kings for me this year, but they said it was a pretty weak run. I think next year I might do kings though.
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    WOW Ryan that trips looks awesome, good job up there those fish where litteraly jumping in the boat from the sounds of your number. How dem arms feel? LOL, Thanks for sharing man.
  9. Haha, thats funny you mention that, we actually did have a fish that hooked up ran stragiht at us and jumped in the boat. Not cool when a hot silver is flopping around like crazy in the boat with a bunch of expensive fly rods lying around. I had to give that one the steel shampoo in a hurry.
  10. I have a buddy up there right now and hes been texting me on his catches.
    Over 120 silvers caught in one trip. Sounds like one fantastic fishery
  11. Yeah, its unreal, especially this year, you know what river he is on or which outfit he is with???
  12. They fished the Kenai I believe. They are there untill saturday and are waiting for the seas to calm down so they can go halibut fishing. Currently
    seas are running 19 to 20. His nephew was transfered to alaska. Hes staying
    with him and his nephew is arranging everything.