todays my little guys b-day

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  1. :)HAPPY B-DAY NICK!!! daddy loves ya..:)
    he's 5 today
  2. So what did the old man get him? You taking him ice fishing?;) Tell twistertail said happy b-day?

  3. misfit

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    happy birthday to the little guy:)
  4. Happy Birthday Nick
    Hope ya catch a big one tell dad to take ya fishin I hope ya got some cool stuff for your birthday!
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  5. Happy Birthday little man. Tell dad to take you sleding
  6. hes been counting downthe days all week!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    hes daddys boy... i have 2 other kids from my first wife so i kow how fast they grow!!!
  7. Happy Birthday Nick hope you got a cool present for your birthday.
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    Hey Dad....You haven't LIVED until you've spent 4 hours at Chuck E Cheese with a 4 or 5 year old!...hint, hint....take it from ol' Gramps here.
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  10. thanks all he had the best b-day EVER!!!
    oh i know the chuck e cheese all to well!!! lol