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WALLEYE= Smoked them on the 30/16-30/17 lines,trolling!!!Fish ranged from 8"-29",The word is out folks were all over in that area today.Jet #20 & #30s,,,spoons,,worked best(copper)and a wide range off colors.Reef Runners deep divers or ripsticks off of jets or dipseys.Folks that hit the water by 7am were off by 11am(LIMITS)
Sorry, no report for west of the river as of right now.
Perchin was good,1 to 1.5 miles out of the river. Sizes ranged from 7"-11".
I saw one mayfly on the bait shop door when I went to open the shop today,hate those things!

Best of luck,go get um',
Bait Dave
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