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October 29, 2022
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Original "Quiet Riot" (L-R) Drew Forsyth, Kevin DuBrow, Randy Rhoads, and Kelly Garni...'75-'78
Two of the four original members of the group were born on October 29. Singer Kevin DuBrow was born 1955. He passed in 2007. Bassist Kelly Garni was born 1952. Garni was kicked out of the group in 1978 after a robbery, fist fight with Randy, and threatening to kill DuBrow with a handgun...good times Yes..first is a terrible clip, but maybe the only footage? of the original four live at a college in LA '75..and any reason to post old footage of Randy gets an automatic pass..

"Cum On Feel the Noize" '83..the later "Metal Health" line-up..

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Peter Green was born October 29, 1946 London. He passed July 25, 2020 Essex, England. Of course the "modern" Fleetwood Mac is great, but the early blues years of '67-'70 with Peter are on another level.. Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac....."Need Your Love So Bad"

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Denny Laine founded two legendary groups..The Moody Blues, and (Paul McCartney's) Wings...He was born 1944 Birmingham, England Left the Moody's in '66.. "Go Now" '65 with him on lead..

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Duane Allman died October 29, 1971 after laying his Harley down in Macon, Georgia. He was born November 20, 1946 Nashville. Genius. What can ya say? ...greatest (on video) instrumental jam ever? YES...and then goes into 12 minutes of "Whipping Post"..please
"In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" '70, 8min, written by Dickey Betts...

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October 30, 2022
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Last original "Tempation" turns 81 today. Otis Williams was born 1941 Texarkana, Texas. Only sang lead on a couple tunes, but he is credited for keeping somewhat of "normalcy" to the group with all the changes and drama. Owns the name "The Temptations"..
"I Wish It Would Rain" '68..David Ruffin lead vocals...

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Bassist/songwriter/vocalist Timothy B. Schmit was born October 30, 1947 Oakland, California. Joined "The Eagles" in '77 after leaving "Poco" to replace Randy Meisner, who also started with Poco. So much talent around back then, hard to keep track...
"C'mon".. Poco '72..Richie Furay vocals...the Eagles sound before the Eagles sounded like The Eagles...huh?

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Living legend?..Chris Slade was born 1946 Cardiff, Wales. Manfred Mann, Asia, AC/DC nowadays and everybody in between, and "The Firm" with Page and Paul Rodgers for a few short years ('84-'86)..........."Satisfaction Guaranteed"..great early 80's videos with The Firm..

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Guitarist/songwriter/vocalist and founding member of "Climax Blues Band", Pete Haycock passed away October 30, 2013 Frankfurt, Germany. He was born March 4, 1951 Stafford, England..... "I Love You" '81..Derek Holt vocals..

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Grace Slick (b. Grace Barnett Wing) was born 1939 Highland Park, Illinois. Great clip from Bandstand '67..two weeks before Monterey Pop. Dick "introducing" America to hippies ..."White Rabbit" & "Somebody To Love"..and interview..9min..

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October 31, 2022

The Flamingos first record "I Only Have Eyes For You" October 31, 1958...clip from '59..

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Folk legend Tom Paxton turns 85 today. Still writing, recording and performing today. Wrote dozens of hits for other artists...Dylan, Baez, John Denver, could go on for this whole page..
"The Last Thing On My Mind" '66

Elvis makes his final recording October 31, 1976. The vocal track was actually recorded in The Jungle Room at Graceland...
cover of Jim Reeves' "He'll Have To Go"..

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Lemmy and Mikkey Dee. Motorhead drummer from '92 til Lemmy's passing in 2015, Micael Kiriakos Delaoglou was born 1963 Gothenburg, Sweden. Currently touring with the modern "Scorpions"...
"We Are Motorhead" 2011...

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Founding member of "Argent", along with keyboardist Rod Argent (who had just left The Zombies), Russ Ballard was born October 31, 1945 Hertfordshire, England. Currently touring Europe..."Hold Your Head Up" '72..

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November 1, 2022

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What hasn't ol' Bill Anderson done since he began writing songs in the late 50's? He was born November 1, 1937 Columbia, South Carolina. Caught an interview couple weeks ago when Loretta passed, looks and sounds like he's still 60...
"Bright Lights and Country Music" '65 ..with The Po' Boys (w/Jimmy Gateley on fiddle)...

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SSG Barry Sadler was born November1, 1940 Carlsbad, New Mexico. He died November 5, 1989 Murfreesboro, Tennessee. First enlisted in the Air Force 1958. Re-enlisted in the Army and rose to Staff Sergeant as a combat medic. Took one of the spiked booby traps in the knee May '65 Vietnam. Co-wrote the song with the author of the novel "The Green Berets", Robin Moore. Basis of the later John Wayne movie in '68. Mr. Sadler shot and killed Nashville singer/songwriter/manager Lee Bellamy during a dispute involving a woman in 1978. Served 30 days for voluntary manslaughter. He relocated to Guatemala in 1984 and was shot in the head Sept. 1988 during a robbery(?). Mr. Sadler was flown back to Nashville where he died almost a year later. Just an amazing story, and I've left out half of it... "Ballad of the Green Berets" '66..

Lyle Lovett was born 1957 Houston, Texas. "What Do You Do" from his third album w/ Francine Reed, Carson '89...

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Bassist Ric Grech was born November 1, 1945 Bordeaux, France. Played a couple years each with Family, Blind Faith, Traffic, and Ginger Baker's Air Force. Dope and booze seemed to always be the issue. He died March 17, 1990 England from liver failure.
"Do What You Like" with Blind Faith, Hyde Park, London '69..

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(L-R) Dan Peek, Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell..."America"..
Dan Peek was born 1950 Panama City, Florida. Left "America" in '77 tired of the touring, booze, and drugs. "Born again" in '79, he was an early pioneer of Christian rock. He passed in his sleep July 24, 2011 Farmington, Missouri. "Sandman" '75..

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November 2, 2022
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Maxine Nightingale was born November 2, 1952 London. Looks like she's performing full time on Caribbean cruise ships nowadays. "Right Back Where We Started From" '75..

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Original lead singer of "The Tremeloes" ('57-'66), Brian Poole, was born 1941 London. Left the group in '66 to start his own record label. Predate the Beatles actually. "Candy Man" & cover of The Contours "Do You Love Me" '64.. three months after The Beatles first appeared on Sullivan...

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Mississippi John Hurt passed away November 2, 1966 Grenada, Mississippi. He was born around March 8, 1893 Teoc, Mississippi. Taught himself to play at 9 years old. Popular during the 20's-30's, he went back to farming until the folk movement began in New York early 60's. Clip from the '65/'66 PBS series "Rainbow Quest" hosted by Pete Seeger. The whole series is posted in different sections
"Spike Driver Blues" (John Henry)...

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J.D. Souther was born 1945 Detroit. Was never a member of The Eagles, but he wrote several of their (and numerous others) biggest hits. And he dated Linda Ronstadt during this time. Legend on both counts....."Doolin Dalton" '73...still touring today...

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(L-R) Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Carl Palmer..
Keyboardist Keith Emerson was born 1944 Yorkshire, England. Sadly, on March 11, 2016, he took his own life in Santa Monica..
"Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression Part-2" '74..9 minutes of the original 29 minute, four part piece..

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November 3, 2022
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Lonnie Donegan passed away on this date 2002 Lincolnshire, England. He was born April 29, 1931 Glasgow, Scotland. This is the guy Page, Clapton, Beck and the rest cite as their earliest influence.
"Rock Island Line"..Lonnie first recorded his version in '54, clip from '61..takes a minute...

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Another British legend (also born in Scotland), "Lulu" (Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie), turns 74 today. She was born in Stirlingshire, Scotland. Her variety show ran from '68-'75 on the BBC with legendary musical guest performances.
"To Sir, with Love"..theme from the 1967 Sidney Poitier film of the same name..

#1 country song this week 1976..Merle's cover of the classic "Cherokee Maiden"..

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Early "April Wine", and later days of "BTO", bassist Jim Clench passed away November 3, 2010 Montreal, Canada. He was born in Canada May 1, 1949.
with April Wine '72 "You Could Have Been a Lady"..

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"Doobie Brothers" conga player/drummer/songwriter Bobby LaKind was born November 3, 1945 New York. He passed December 24, 1992 Los Angeles. Started early on as a lighting roadie for the group.
"Long Train Runnin'" 6min..'81 **Cornelius Bumpus on vocals, Tom Johnston sang the original '73 version..

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November 4, 2022
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Original wayyy back member of "The Ink Spots", Ivory "Deek" Watson, passed November 4, 1969 Washington D.C. He was born July 18, 1909 Mounds, Illinois. "If I Didn't Care" '39....Bill Kenny lead vocals....

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"The Friends of Distinction" lead vocalist, Harry Elston turns 84 today.
"Grazing in the Grass" Sullivan '70...

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Singer Delbert McClinton turns 82 today. Born in Lubbock, Texas. Plays everything, written everything, going back to '57. Legend
"Givin' It Up for Your Love" from a killer Austin City Limits gig '82...more cowbell!

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Fred "Sonic" Smith was born September 14, 1948 West Virginia. He died November 4, 1994 in Detroit from heart failure.
"Ramblin' Rose" ....MC5 live in Detroit '70..

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Original "Pretenders" guitarist, James Honeyman-Scott was born 1956 Herefordshire, England. He died from an overdose June 16, 1982 London at just 25 years old.
"Brass In Pocket" '79..cool studio clip..

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November 5, 2022
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Ike Turner was born 1931 Clarksdale, Mississippi. He overdosed December 12, 2007 San Marcos, California. Rock-n-Roll legend going back to the early 50's "Rocket '88". Good guy? Probably not. Just a good reason to play a great Tina clip (y)
"Honky Tonk Women" '71..

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Link Wray passed away November 5, 2005 Copenhagen, Denmark. He was born May 2, 1929 Dunn, North Carolina. Using distortion and power chords 10 years before the British greats to come. Jimmy Page and Pete Townshend's favorite player from the day.
"Rumble"...instrumental first recorded by Link in '58, banned from air play at the time for being "too much" for the kids to handle, way early hard rock/punk...clip from Winterland '74..

Forehead Hair Nose Face Head

Gram Parsons was born 1946 Winter Haven, Florida. He died from an overdose Joshua Tree, California September 19, 1973.
Crazy story of his friends stealing his body at the airport and taking it out into the desert to be cremated per his last wishes. Played with "The Byrds" '68, then formed "The Flying Burrito Brothers" with also ex Byrd, Chris Hillman.. "Hot Burrito #1" '69

Chin Black Coat Jheri curl Collar

Art Garfunkel turns 81 today. He was born in New York City. Paul has mostly retired, Art still appears some. The two definitely do NOT speak to each other nowadays. Name calling and insults is about all they have to say... "The Sound of Silence" '65..

Forehead Nose Hair Smile Chin

Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield. Bobby was born August 10, 1940 Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. He died from heart failure November 5, 2003 Kalamazoo, Michigan. "Unchained Melody".... after a couple minute chat with Andy Williams '65...

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I remember reading once that Tina Turner was the woman God made to teach all other women how to dance in high heels!

I also remember a Paul Simon interview where he talked about his and Garfunkel's breakup. It happened about the time Art started landing a lot of movie roles. When Paul asked Art how they were going to accomodate his movie schedule Art said, "Well, you write and arrange all the songs, book the studio time, and get all the tracks laid down. Then, when I have some free time in my schedule, I'll come in and sing my parts, then you do the mix." To which Paul Simon replied, "How about you go f**k yourself, Art! I'm going solo!"
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November 6, 2022
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Bassist Rushton Moreve was with Steppenwolf from '67-'68. Kicked out for missing too many gigs. Co-wrote "Magic Carpet Ride" with John Kay. Appeared on their first two albums. He was born November 5, 1948 Los Angeles. He died in a car accident July 1, 1981 Los Angeles.
"Sookie Sookie" '68.

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Stonewall Jackson (his given name) was born 1932 Tabor City, North Carolina. He passed away December 21, 2021 in Nashville.
"I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water" '67 Bill Anderson show...

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Doug Sahm was born 1941 San Antonio, Texas. He died of heart failure while on vacation November 18, 1999 Taos, New Mexico. Child prodigy, was playing the steel guitar at 6. Pretty much invented the "Tex-Mex" sound. Lead the "Sir Douglas Quintet" early 60's- early '70's and later "The Texas Tornados" (with Freddie Fender) '81-early 90's... "Mendocino" '68..

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Glenn Frey was born November 6, 1948 Detroit. He passed January 18, 2016 New York City
Eagles "Take It Easy" '77..

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"Banjo boy" Billy Redden today.. '74 (L-R) Jim Messina, Steve Mandell, Kenny Loggins, Eric Weissberg, Glen Campbell..

Steve Mandell was born 1941 Philadelphia. He died March 14, 2018 Owings Mills, Maryland. Played the guitar part, while Weissberg played the banjo part for the 1972 film. Originally titled "Feudin' Banjos" from 1954's Art "Guitar Boogie" Smith, name was changed to "Dueling Banjos" in an attempt to avoid royalties. Filmmakers were later sued and made to pay up. Mr. Redden still living in the same area, appeared in a couple other movies. Says he never saw much money from his acting role in "Deliverance". His appearance is highlighted with makeup in the film also. He couldn't actually play (neither could actor Ronny Cox), there's a player hidden behind him with their arms in the boys sleeves in most of the shots..

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November 8, 2022
**just so happened, based on the date, five legendary ladies here...
Smile Flash photography Dress Style Fashion design

Ms. Patti Page (Clara Ann Fowler) was born November 8, 1927 Claremore, Oklahoma. She passed January 1, 2013 Encinitas, California. #1 selling female artist of the 50's. Great intro by Johnny on his show '70..."Tennessee Waltz"..

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#1 country song this week 1969.."The Ways to Love a Man"...Tammy..

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Bonnie Bramlett and husband Delaney Bramlett.
Bonnie was born November 8, 1944 Granite City, Illinois. Delaney passed in 2008. They divorced in 1972 and never really worked together again. Pretty much retired now, she does have some great recent home footage posted of just singing and telling stories out on the back porch at home with friends
Delaney, Bonnie & Friends, with at this time, Eric Clapton, amazing the other "friends" that played with them...."Poor Elijah" '69..

Hair Lip Smile Hat Sun hat

Rickie Lee Jones was born 1954 Chicago. Still touring today. "Chuck E.'s in Love" TOTP '79..

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Bonnie Lynn Raitt was born 1949 Burbank, California. Of course, still love her today, but her early 70's stuff is just ..wow :love: . Doing her long time friend and writer of the song, John Prine's.."Angel from Montgomery" '77..

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November 9, 2022

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Rolling Stone "magazine" first issue November 9, 1967. Original price $.25, original copies now get around $500. Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show...."The Cover of Rolling Stone" '72...got them to the cover in March '73..written by Shel Silverstein

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Mary Travers was born 1936 Louisville, Kentucky, moved with her family to Greenwich Village, NYC when she was 2. She died from complications due to leukemia September 16, 2009 Danbury, Connecticut. Peter Yarrow and Paul Stookey are still with us.
"Early Morning Rain" '66..written by Gordon Lightfoot

#1 country song this week 1977..Don Williams..."I'm Just a Country Boy"..

Hairstyle Photograph Black Jaw Beard

Tom Fogerty, and younger brother John.
Tom was born 1941 Berkeley, California. He passed on September 6, 1990 from TB and HIV/AIDS (contracted during a blood transfusion in the early 80's). He left CCR in '71, the whole thing fell apart in '72. Sad that he and John never got along. Bassist Stu Cooke and drummer Doug Clifford are still alive and also don't speak with John...hmmm??
"Proud Mary".. Royal Albert Hall, London '70...***this concert was just released in September..the complete audio is on yt, along with about half the video (so far), Nutflix recently added the complete documentary "Travelin' Band:CCR at the Royal Albert Hall"

Hat Sleeve Gesture Style Collar

Toy Caldwell, and younger brother Tommy.
Brothers here that loved each other. Bassist Tommy Caldwell was born November 9, 1949 Spartanburg, South Carolina. He died April 28, 1980 in a car accident. The group tried to carry on, but they never really overcame the loss :cry: Toy passed in 1993. Original vocalist Doug Gray still tours with the modern version of The Marshall Tucker Band. "Can't You See"... Macon, Georgia '73..

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November 10, 2022

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"Sesame Street" debuts on this date in 1969. Clip with Ol' Ray is from '77. He appeared half dozen or so times on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. ^^The original wooden sign is held in The Smithsonian. "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"

Musical instrument Guitar String instrument String instrument Musician

Glen Buxton was born 1947 Akron, Ohio He passed October 19, 1997 Mason City, Iowa due to pneumonia problems. Alice Cooper put on the show, but Glen wrote (or co-wrote) just about all the major hits of the day.
"Eighteen" '72...***most AC footage is blocked from playing outside yt...

Clothing Musical instrument Hand Arm String instrument

Greg Lake was born November 10, 1947 Dorset, England. Cancer took him December 7, 2016 London. From Emerson, Lake & Palmer at California Jam '74.."Lucky Man"..just chewing gum and singing/playing like it's nothing..wow

Jaw Gesture Art Beard Thumb

Atlanta Rhythm Section lead vocalist, Ronnie Hammond, was born in 1950 Macon, Georgia. He passed from heart failure March 14, 2011 Forsyth, Georgia......... "So Into You" BBC '77..

Water Sky Liquid Boat Vehicle

November 10, 1975 the SS Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior taking all 29 souls onboard with her. Gordon Lightfoot stated later that he was so pissed off that "Newsweek" magazine misspelled her name "Edmond" a couple weeks later on reporting, that he sat down and wrote this song as a way to properly preserve the memory of those lost. Damn. 7 minutes..

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November 11, 2022

Musical instrument Guitar Musician String instrument Guitar accessory

Jim Peterik turns 72 today. He was born in Berwyn, Illinois. Founding member of "Survivor" in '78. Co-wrote "Eye of the Tiger". Also original vocalist/guitarist of the group "The Ides of March"... "Vehicle" '70

Musical instrument Guitar Musician Guitar accessory String instrument

Original member of "The Yardbirds", Chris Dreja turns 77 today. He was born in Surrey, England. Played both bass and rhythm guitar, depending on what other player was in the group at the time. Page's first pick as a bassist for his new to come group (The New Yardbirds/Led Zeppelin), but Chris turned it down to pursue photography. Retired a few years back.
"Heart Full of Soul" '65 w/Beck and Paul Samwell-Smith on bass, Chris playing a 12 string far left..

Guitar accessory Beard Musician Music Entertainment

"Moody Blues" original drummer, Graeme Edge passed away November 11, 2021 Bradenton, Florida. He was born March 30, 1941 Rocester, England. Up to the end of the group in 2018, only member to have appeared on EVERY album.
"Ride My See Saw" '68

Sleeve Plant Smile Grass Recreation

Legendary record producer, Robert John "Mutt" Lange was born 1948 Rhodesia, growing up in South Africa. Produced dozens of landmark albums from the late 70's to the early 90's. Married to Shania Twain '93-'10. Lives a pretty reclusive lifestyle now in Switzerland. Produced AC-DC's last album with Bon Scott, Highway to Hell, and the first album with Brian Johnson, Back in Black...
"Girls Got Rhythm" Paris '79..

Musical instrument Guitar Concert Guitar accessory String instrument accessory

Bassist Berry Oakley was a founding member of The Allman Brothers Band. He was born April 4, 1948 Chicago. He died after crashing his motorcycle November 11, 1972 Macon, Georgia just a few blocks from where Duane died the same way a year earlier.
"Ramblin' Man" Nov. 2, '72..Dickey Betts on lead, clip a year after Duane's passing, and only nine days before Berry would die

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November 12, 2022

Forehead Smile Jaw Wings Happy

Bay City Rollers lead vocalist, Les McKeown was born 1955 Edinburgh, Scotland. He passed from heart failure April 20, 2021 London. "Saturday Night" '76..

Musical instrument Piano Keyboard Hat Musical instrument accessory

Booker T. Jones Jr. turns 78 today. He was born in Memphis. Still touring today.
"Time Is Tight" '76, originally recorded '68..

Hand Musical instrument Guitar accessory String instrument accessory String instrument

Vocalist/guitarist Buck Dharma is the only member of Blue Oyster Cult that has been there since day one in 1967. He was born 1947 NYC. Still on the road today with the "On Tour Forever" tour.. "Burnin' for You" '81...

Musical instrument Musician Guitar Guitar accessory Musical instrument accessory

Neil Young was born 1945 in Toronto. "Old Man" '71 Massey Hall, Toronto..

Membranophone Drum Photograph Musical instrument Idiophone

John Graham "Mitch" Mitchell passed away in his sleep November 12, 2008 Portland, Oregon. He was born July 9, 1946 Ealing, England. "Stone Free" Germany '67..audio problems bugging Jimi kinda adds to it..

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I think that Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser is one of the most underrated rock guitarists ever. Back in the day he looked like a total subversive (but not in that shirt!). Nowadays, he looks like an accountant but plays as well as ever.
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