To shoot or not to Shoot is the question!

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by TomC, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. I've been hunting private land in northern Miami county for the past 3 years. The first year I took a button buck which i thought was a doe, the second i took a large 8 pt and then another button buck this year.

    I have only seen two does out of all theyears of hunting their. I have the extra doe permit this year and would like to take one for the extra meat.

    Problem is the only doe ive seen this year has a small fawn with her. Ive seen the doe and fawn multipe times since last month and i had both of them within 15yards this morning. I had a clean shot on the doe but didnt take it. Side note- also saw a button buck, a buck with half a rack and a big six.

    Should I try and hold out for another doe or take this one? Also any clue why one area would have so many bucks in it?
  2. If the fawn has spots or is very small, I would pass the doe. The fawn is capable of eating on it's own by now but has very little survival savy if it is still very young. Shoot the half rack if you are desperate for meat.

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    ive had a few doe come in still with young and i wont shoot. just try and wait them out till another one comes around im sure your not starving and live off deer meat. if not do what shortdrift said and take the half.
  4. For me personally I dont shot does with real small fawns, I have in the past and I didnt like the fact that I had to chase the fawns away. Just cant bring myself to do it!

    Plus I have till Jan. to shoot slickheads.
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    I pass on does with small fawns also. Like r9, I've had to chase the fawns off in the past even though they were obviously fully capable of surviving on their own. I'd rather not go that route anymore.
  6. Roger that, any clue why an area would contain so many bucks and so few does?
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    Ironic, the rest of the state suffers from the exact opposite!
  8. Where I hunt there are too many does! I would not hesitate to shoot any doe, if the young ones sticks around after I have a tag on mommys ear,there aint gonna be no chasin just shootin. Those little ones are TENDER, cut those steaks witha fork.
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    Papa there is a mutt running where I hunt wanna come shoot it for me. I am sure it is tender. LOL
    Shoot the little button buck and be done with it. Sounds like there are to many bucks and they are bustin eachother up anyway.