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To nibble or not to nibble?

Discussion in 'Panfish Discussions' started by Sabatino925, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, wanted to keep some action going on the old panfish thread so I want to pose a question to you.

    When fishing for crappie using jig heads and tubes/curly tails/etc . . . (either sitting still jigging, cast and retrieve, or trolling) do you tip your jighead with crappie nibbles (or something similar)?

    I use the pink powerbait nibbles (we call them pink stinkers) almost any time I'm jigging unless I tip with live bait.

    Pink Stinkers.jpg
  2. We use them quite often! Use the chartreuse mostly. We also use them with live minnows at times. They can be a real difference maker when the water is stained or the bite seems tough.
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  3. CFIden


    I use the Gulp 1" minnows on tubes, Road Runners etc. Makes a huge difference. I catch a lot of catfish that way too.
  4. brandonw

    brandonw I'd rather be fishing

    I used to tip with niblets but found they were more of a hassle. Never seemed to make a big difference for me.
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  5. I also have never found that tipping has made me catch more fish. But the couple lakes I fish are usually a foot or greater of visibility so I have very little experience with stained water.
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  6. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    I'll just say, I don't leave home without them. Some guys won't use them cause they get their boat dirty. Good for them. They work so I use them.
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  7. I use the gulp maggots, they stay on better and the nibbles melt and fall off.. to eaches own
  8. 9Left


    yea... i think they're just more or less for catching the fisherman in the store then anything else... if you put a plastic grub in front of a crappy, or school crappies, and they are feeding're pretty much going to catch them no matter what you use
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  9. Specgrade

    Specgrade Wannabe Worm Drowner

    Either doggy kibble or corn...I'll have to try that pink stuff!
  10. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    I won't argue about them. I've been using them I guess since they first came on the market. I used minnows before that. Caught fish then too. Got skunked too. I never get skunked anymore. Jig and nibble works for me. I don't knock it if they don't for you tho.
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  11. I'm with you chaunc, I don't leave home without them either.
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  12. Ok Chaunc, whats your magic on keeping them on? I must have 10 bottles of but they keep getting soft with the water and fall off. Like said, I use the Gulp and pinch off a nibble size piece and they work great for me every where I go. The others just keep falling off..after 2 casts.. gone.
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  13. ldrjay

    ldrjay Jay

    you got me hooked on them. they work wonders
  14. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    The secret is splitting the bottle of them in half to start with. This let's them get some air between them. I do this every time I have an empty bottle and I'm opening a new one. I let them sit a couple days. Secondly, I pour a couple dozen in the cap before I start fishing. I set them in the sun in front of me where they're easy to reach. They'll dry out more as the day goes on. Now you know you can't do this if it's raining. If they get too dry and sometimes they will, pour them in with the soft ones. They'll re-absorb some moisture. Don't tell anybody my secret. Haha.
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  15. Going to give that a shot, I need to use them. Thanks..
  16. Chaunc - Based on your posts, I wouldn't question anything you say that works. What color do you typically use?
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  17. I will say I tried the ones with glitter on them. Stay away lol. The glitter comes off the second it touches the water and I get home with a very sparkly beard (and kayak, and clothes, and tackle box . . . ) by the end of the day.

    That being said they helped us make this happen at Hoover last weekend! Shelly Crappie.PNG
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  18. That's a nice bunch of crappie. The glitter is supposed to come off in the water, it resembles scales falling off of baitfish. They are a little messy but they work really well.
  19. That sounds like my method. I've been using them for years too. If the fish are aggressive you may not need them but on the other days they can be a real game changer. I always start with nibbles and let the fish tell me if I need to keep using them.
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  20. Does anyone plan to get out on the water next week for crappie with the full moon coming up?