To Many Holes In One Spot!

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fish master, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. fish master

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    Thank you to the person who drilled about 16 holes in one spot. my son fell thru!:mad: near the dam. 2-24-08

  2. rolland

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    wow hope he is ok
  3. I started to make a very snide remark and changed my mind. I do not blame the fisherman or fishermen who drilled the holes. I hope your son is okay and everyone learned a lesson including those of us just reading your post.
  4. I was out there today. Seen a couple guys down off the dam face. Hope he is OK! Ice made wild noises today.
  5. BigMha

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    hope he's o.k. man....that's why i don't mess with the ice...i can wait till spring...hope the experience didn't sour him on ice fishing
  6. man really sorry to hear that!!! hope he is ok!!! dont blame the guy for drilling holes though...thats what u do to fish and remember one thing...whoever drilled the hole did not take you son on unsafe ice...we very easily could have went through the thin stuff we were on sunday and would not blame anyone but my own stupidity!!! again hope he is fine!!!
  7. every now and then i have seen where someone cuts 2' x 2' square hole in the ice with a chain saw, i've even seen a 2' x 4' hole cut in the ice, then over night it gets a little ice then snow and you never know its there till its to late ,you can never be to careful on ice, hope your sons ok. keep those ice pics on your person.
  8. fish master

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    the ice is safe it's just the person drilled the holes in a square shape. the thing is tho when its coverd you or anyone eles can't see that. so if the hole's are big enuf little feet can fall thru.he's ok. but BY LAW Ice holes can be no larger than 12-inches in diameter. so if the holes are so close and someone steps in the middle.ur going for a trip. if you drill 4 holes in one little square right next to each other thats bigger the 12'' if someone goes thru. im not mad or anything its just a safty issue for me when im on the ice. ill be up at rumble strip today jets coat and the only one to be in a dome tent.(it works)if ur not 6' tall heck i was the only one the whole lake.
  9. glad hes fine!!! i know the 12" law...also keep in mind if 2 guys are fishing in a shanty there may be 4 holes in a row...move the shanty 10 times and now you have 40 holes!!! just a thing i thought id throw in there!! hope the little guy still wants to go with you...would hate if that ruined a great sport for him!!!
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    Hey now, how ya doing? I'm glad your boy is ok, and thanks for tipping all of us that bring our kids and even ones that don't, to be a bit more aware. We've been lucky some what as to how long the ice has lasted. The longer it lasts, the more people will get out and that means even more holes for us to look for! By the way, have you been getting any fish, or should I say numbers of fish & size?
  11. fish master

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    went there today. for some reason i read that if the wind is out of the north the fishing is bad.well it was out of the north and the fishing was son caught one lil fish stick. been getting a lot more perch i wounder why?/// we where the only ones out there and i see why.anyone know where to get some nice sized panfish? would like to hit up some ponds but dont know where any is.