TJ is a seahawk

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  1. for us bengal fans it's going to be a long season this year. why the hell would franchise a kicker anyway?
  2. Does that mean Seattle won't need Crabtree? Hmm...If per chance he drops to 5, maybe someone will make the Browns an offer they can't refuse...

    Do you think Cinci wants Crabtree? Love to see a bidding war for the pick if he was avaialble at 5. Of course Seattle may want to trade down too. It's going to be an interesting 1st round...
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  3. Its a bummer to lose TJ...but he had his mind made up a long time ago that he was done as a Bengal, he threatened to be a major ass if he was franchised(which is the last thing we needed heading into the 09 season) we were competitive with our offer, we lost out by a couple bucks and geography, now that its done and over with we need to get active in free agency(I think they had 7.5-8 mill held back for the possible deal with TJ) now that money is freed up lets get after the RB we need, lets look at other WRs and possibly a OL or two, and Im not sure of why they tagged a kicker.
  4. Who really wants to play for the Bengals? That franchise has been plagued since the early 90's.
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    That may be true but your Brownie's aren't much to brag about!
  6. Hit the nail on the head.
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    No. That means Seattle will take Crabtree too so they can have 2 good WRs.
  8. Question: If Stafford slips past Detroit, does anyone think Seattle may take a hard look at him? Hasslebeck has been plagued by injuries and isn't getting any younger. I don't see them snatching Crabtree because they have other holes to fill.
  9. I just bought a draft magazine that has Seattle picking the DT out of Boston College Raji, they have us with Crabtree by the way, if Eugene Monroe is there at 6 I cant see us going anywhere else, a couple of the Ts would have to be gone for us not to go that posistion with the first pick, in my opinion though this is a pretty early draft mag and alot has yet to shake out in FA that can vastly effect the draft.
  10. For you bengal fans out there, Coles is suppose to be visting this week
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    I'm not really a Coles fan...he's not nearly as good as TJ, but I'll guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
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    Who was TJ's backup ? Guess you fans dont think he's good enough to step in and fill the wideout spot, huh. I hope you do well in FA and the draft. Sure would like to see OHIO football competitive again. And soon too. Tired of seeing them put second rate teams on the field.
  13. Given a choice I would have rather kept TJ...but like I said he was packing his bags long ago, Coles might not be a savior but at this point he would almost have to step in as the #2 guy right off the bat, you cant put Henry in that spot as you never know if he will be a free man from week to week, Caldwell even though he showed flashes last year late he might still be a bit green to put that kind of pressure on, Simpson from what I can see shows all the early signs of being a bust(hurts twice as bad considering the players still on the board when he was taken) and the rest of them are little more than role players and projects.
  14. Thats interesting....wouldnt it be ironic if he fails it.
  15. That is true, but I would take the Browns over Mike Brown and the Bungles any day.
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    I'll give you that. Mike Brown is a terrible owner (he think's he's Paul Brown and obviously isn't) when fielding a competitive team, but that by no means will ever turn me into a Brown's fan.