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  1. I bought a boat from a guy last summer, and found out the other day that i don't have the title for it. I have an application for a title, but not the title itself. Ive tried to contact the guy, but can' t get ahold of him. So is there anyway for me to get title with out him?
  2. I believe if you call your local annex building they can give you the information you need to get it titled. My brother puchased a boat and was able to get a title made for it. Some smaller boats that people buy (from places like gander mountain, or West Marine) do not come with titles, and they are needed to be made up to be legal. Call your local annex building or BMV and i'm sure they can tell you what steps are needed to be taken to get it titled.

  3. even if the boat is used, and there already is a title out there somewhere?
  4. Yes even though there is another title out there somewhere, a new one can be made up for you.
  5. I went through a similar experience a couple of years ago. Unlike cars, you can not file for a new title of a previous titled boat throught the avenue of abandoned affidavits. The long and short of what I went through is to find the owner who has the title (div of watercraft will do a search) and have them sign it over. If that is not an option because the owner can not be found, you have to advertise in a newspaper of a general auction of the vessel, save the ad as proof, and auction the boat to the highest bidder. The high bidder then gets a bill of sale that he can apply for a title with.

    In simpler words, find the title holder and have them sign it over!
  6. lol, this would be interesting. I do have the bill of sale.
  7. I beleive if the boat is under 14 feet you do not need a title, just a bill of sale to get the registration. At least that worked for me.
  8. its a 1648 tracker grizzly with a 15 hp
  9. O.K. this is what I've looked up. 10h.p. or more needs title and boats 14ft. or longer needs title.
    If the Boat is LESS than 14ft. you will need to take proof of ownership i.e. Notarized receipt or Previous registration form and the HIN - Hull Identification Number.
    For Boats 14ft. or MORE, you will need the Title from the previous owner and have it transfered to your name at any title office. If unable to, you will need to contact:
    Division of Watercraft Titling Section for information at 1-877-426-2837 in Ohio.