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  1. I just bought a 16 foot boat and was told upon picking it up I will get a "Bill of Sale". Since the boat is over 14 feet won't I need a title to get it registered?

    Can I still get the title with a bill of sale?

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  2. I believe with a bill of sale you should be okay to get a title. I once bought a 15' aluminum and got a title by signing a sworn affidavit.

  3. You are probably looking at trouble and a headache. All boats over 14' have to have a title. I took a 13'11" boat to watercraft office and almost didn't get it registered because of the way he held the tape measure. They told me the boat is over 14' and you have to have a title, a bill of sale won't due. I got them to remeasure it and everything worked out ok. If the owner dosen't have the title or it is lost, I would make arrangements for them to go with you to get it registered.
  4. I own 2 quads that when I bought brand new from the dealer, I received a bill of sale. To ride state property in OH, you have to have your quads registered which requires a title. I took my bill of sale in and received titles for both without any problem. A bill of sale is a legal document in this state. Before you get nervous thinking you wasted some money, go to the title bureau and see what they say. Like I said, I once got a title by signing a sworn affidavit.
  5. The boat has been registered before but in Indiana. Will that help me any?
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    bill of sale should work.if you have the indiana registration,that should help.not sure,but indiana may not require titles.at any rate,call or visit the division of watercraft,explain and they'll take care of you.