"tired" trolling motor

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  1. My trolling motor (minkota bow mount on an old tracker tx17) seems to get “tired” (overheated? but i have no idea where). After a short duration (45 sec or so @ full power) it shuts down. Given a short “rest” it operates normally. To the best I can determine it’s NOT a battery problem (same problem for a while / after changing to a new battery)
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    wire too small,bad wire,bad or loose connections.those are the first things i'd eliminate.

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    Misfit gave good info.
    Does the prop spin freely by hand?
    Could be bearings going bad causing it to draw too many amps and overheat.
    It might be worth a try to pull the prop and check for fishing line around the shaft.
  4. I bet you have an in-line circuit breaker. It's kicking out due to overload (wire may be undersize) and then resets itself.

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    i forgot to mention that,cause nothing like that has ever happened to me:rolleyes::eek::D
  6. It sounds like a bad switch it it only does it on high. Very common replacement part on a trolling motor. Also could be brushes or a bad high speed winding but i would check the switch first.
  7. I second Toolman if you have a breaker instead of a fuse except my 1st wild guess is the breaker is "tired". Eventually after they trip so many times, they trip easier and easier (under lighter loads). Happened on my boat once & I've seen it on a house circuit before.

    A seat of the pants way to check for bad connections, etc is to feel the wires right after the breaker trips. If it is hot at a connection, that is what is suspect. If everything is hot, it could point towards a discharged battery or something in the motor. Be a bit cautious or get a buddy to touch the wires to avoid burnt fingers.

    Does it do it at the start of the day or after the battery has been used for an extended period? - if towards the end of the day, I might lean towards a discharged battery and weak connections (they will get hot)

    Good Luck
  8. Thanks all for the suggestions, I’ll start with connections and go from there.

    JCarp – from the start of the day … more problems when under “heavy” load / windy day
  9. Lots of TMs have fuses that "reset" after cooling. The ones I've seen are attached to the post(s) on the batteries. I've had one go bad and was a cheap fix...if you're near a marina or a fishing store.